How to transfer google play balance to another gmail account

Google Play is a very important part of Android users. For installing any new app or updating an app you need Google Play Store. It has all the types of apps you need. Apps related to books, social media, games, productivity, etc. Google Play is the biggest App Store for Android users.

Majority of the apps are free to download but there are some apps that you need to pay the price to buy them. Google Play comes with a built-in wallet that helps users in storing money to use it while purchasing an app.

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Now, you have quite a good amount in your Google Play wallet and you want to transfer it to another account. I am here to give you complete guide on how to transfer Google Play balance to another Gmail account.

How to transfer google play balance to another Gmail account

Before proceeding to how to transfer Google play balance to another Gmail account let me give you some restrictions that Google has for transferring money to another account to avoid people doing any illegal activity.

Transferring money from Google Play balance to another account cannot be done by everybody as you need a Kid’s Manager Account to do so. Kids below 13 cannot have the payment profile due to security reasons. Thus, parents need to have a Manager Account to handle it.

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It’s really not that difficult. Simply put, You can transfer Google Play Balance to another Account with ease, the only condition is you need to have Kids Manager account

And here is how to transfer Google Play balance to another Gmail Account:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Find & Tap Transfer Pay Balance

Step 4: Fill the Form & Balance will be transferred to another account

Last Words

I am sure now you’re clear about how to transfer Google Play balance to another account. You cannot transfer your balance to another account with a normal Google Play account. It’s important you have a kid’s Manager Account to transfer your balance. And if the balance is added to your normal Google Play account it cannot be withdrawn to a bank account by any means. However, by this balance, you can buy premium apps or subscriptions. I hope it helps!

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