Welcome to my site. Here you will find everything related to gadgets, technology, how to do and reviews of newly launched products. My main aim is to save your hard-earned money and keep you updated about anything and everything which has arrived on the market. Everything which you use for making your life technologically better comes under the category of gadgets. Who does not like to grab the latest mobile phone or laptop? I am addicted to buying new gadgets and also keep researching more about technology. So, I can guide you while you purchase anything by giving exact details about the features and functioning of a particular gadget. You will also get to know how to solve any problem related to your gadgets. So, welcome to the crazy family of gadgets.


Meet me. I am Shubhaa, the face behind Craze for gadgets. I am a fitness enthusiast and love to experiment with new things. I am very much attracted to gadgets and love to explore everything about anything launched new. Being a Science Graduate, I am always fascinated by new things. And my this craze for exploring new gadgets led me to launch this site. The sole purpose of my site is to keep you updated about the newly launched gadgets, their reviews, operations, and everything you want to know.

If you are interested to know more about me then for your information, I am a married woman having a loving husband and a sweet daughter. I am a full-time blogger and a full-time wife and mother as well. My happiness lies in my family and my work. I am a rebel and always do the things which satisfy me.

This craziness for gadgets is also because of my husband, Saket, who always keeps me buying new phones. He keeps changing old gadgets with new ones. It is his companionship that, I am even aware of Cars, before its launch in my country i.e. India. And the mastermind behind this blog is Atish Ranjan, my super caring and super supportive brother, who motivated me to start this blog. Special thanks to my adorable brother Vishwajeet Kumar, who always supported me in my thick and thin. Hope this journey of craziness helps to save your money by investing in the right products.

We all are addicted to technology in today’s era. Whether it is a smartphone, TV, AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bulb, LED, Fan, Coolers, or anything which gives us comfort, all is about technology. Gadgets give us comfort and easiness without which we all are helpless. These Gadgets and the technologies behind every gadget is something very fascinating which has attracted me for years.