Why does my Chromebook keep turning off?

Imagine you are working or browsing for an important project, and you’re equipped with a Chromebook. Chromebook is slim and easy to carry around, which makes it very portable. You can switch tasks easily whether you’re at home, office, or traveling. What if suddenly, it shuts off? What might be the reason for my Chromebook turning off frequently?

Why does my Chromebook keep turning off?

When your Chromebook suddenly turns off, it makes all your open apps and programs close, and you might lose any work you didn’t save. It may be a one-time thing and usually, it’s start up quickly, but you must look for solutions if this problem happens very often. Ensure a good working condition for your Chromebook by doing a couple of easy things.

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Reasons – Why your Chromebook keep turning off?

Software Issues:

Sometimes, problems with the computer programs can make your Chromebook turn off suddenly.

The usual suspects are old software, bad or tricky programs, messed-up system files, things that don’t work well together, and hidden services using too much power.

Also, not having enough space on your Chromebook can make it act up and shut down unexpectedly.

  • Outdated Software: 

When your Chromebook’s software falls behind, it can cause sudden shutdowns, closing open apps or programs abruptly and risking data loss in unsaved work. To avoid this, simply keep your Chromebook’s operating system and programs updated. Regularly check for available updates to ensure smooth and uninterrupted performance.

  • Unstable or harmful software:

Sometimes, bad or troublesome software can make your Chromebook turn off suddenly.If you just added a new program or app, that might be what’s causing the trouble.Try removing any new programs you recently installed and check if it fixes the problem.

Corrupted system files:

When certain files in your Chromebook’s system get messed up, it can make the device shut down unexpectedly. To check for these issues, run scans like SFC/DISM.

Incompatible hardware drivers/software:

Your Chromebook may shut down suddenly if the hardware drivers or software are not compatible. Make sure all your device’s hardware and software are of latest version and up-to-date.

Background services in the background:

Services running quietly in the background might use too much of your Chromebook’s power, causing it to turn off without warning.

Insufficient storage space:

  • If your Chromebook doesn’t have enough space, it can become unstable and shut down unexpectedly.
  • Should be enough free space on your device for everything to work smoothly.
  • Regularly delete files or programs you don’t need to keep things running well.

Hardware Issues:

Your Chromebook might be turning off suddenly because of hardware problems. If something inside isn’t working right, it can make the whole thing shut down without telling you.

Also, if the inside parts get too hot because there’s not enough air or it’s not flowing well, your Chromebook can get too hot and turn off.

Checking Chromebook’s power settings

Check power settings of your Chromebook if it keeps turning off when you’re not using it or when you close the lid. It might not be a problem but a feature! Chromebooks like to save energy, but you can make the settings less strict.

Here’s how to manage Chromebook power settings:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Click on Device.

3. Select Power.

Chromebook Power settings

4. In the “When idle” section, click on the drop-down menus next to “While charging” and “When on battery.”

5. By default, they might be set to Sleep. Choose “Turn off display” or “Keep display on”.

6. You can also turn off the Sleep when lid is closed option.

Keep in mind that Chromebooks will go idle after six minutes on battery and eight minutes when plugged in, and you can’t change these times on Chrome OS.

Try a restart

Chromebook Specifications

Chances are you hardly ever restart your Chromebook. You should just shut the lid and let my Chromebook take a nap. But every now and then, it’s good to give it a restart.

How to restart your Chromebook:

  1. Click on the time, in the status bar.
  2. Select the Power button.
  3. Pick Restart.

You can also keep your finger on the power button until the screen goes dark.

Do a hard reset

You can also try a hard reset.This makes all the parts inside your Chromebook switch off and on again. Just remember, some not-so-important files, like the ones in the Downloads folder, might get deleted.

How to hard reset your Chromebook:

  1. If you can, first turn off your Chromebook. 
  2. Press both the Refresh and power buttons at the same time.

Is your Chromebook too hot?

Chromebooks limit their power when too hot. Chromebooks often shut off if they get dangerously hot.

You should keep the laptop as cool as possible. Place it on a flat surface to let air flow better. Keep it away from direct sunlight and hot spots.
Try not to load too much on your computer. If it often gets hot, consider using a laptop cooler.

Not Enough RAM:

Sometimes, Chromebooks can have a problem with not having enough RAM. If your computer doesn’t have sufficient memory, it might just turn off without warning.

To check your system’s RAM, go to Settings and click on the System tab.

Low Battery or Power Loss:

Another reason your Chromebook might turn off suddenly is if the battery is low or there’s a power outage.

When the battery is almost empty, the computer shuts down to save the remaining power.

Also, unexpected power outages can make your computer turn off abruptly. If you suspect this, try unplugging and then plugging back in your Chromebook’s power adapter.


There are many possible reasons why your Chromebook keeps turning off unexpectedly. The most common causes are battery issues, overheating, software crashes, power button failure, automatic updates, and hardware problems. To fix it, start by fully charging the battery and checking for overheating. Make sure to close background apps and uninstall buggy extensions that could be crashing it. If simple rebooting and resetting doesn’t work, the issue may require advanced troubleshooting to determine if it’s a hardware defect. Overall, sudden shut downs in Chromebooks usually indicate an underlying problem that needs to be identified and resolved through systematic troubleshooting and repair methods. Maintaining the device properly can prevent many unexpected power off issues.

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