12 Best Soap2day Alternatives That Work In 2024

Soap2day was a popular site for free movie streaming until it closed in June 2023. Soap2day website was launched in 2018 and it gained fame for its easy-to-use design and a massive collection of movies and shows. Finding the right streaming option can be confusing, so we’ve made a list of the 12 best Soap2day alternatives that work in 2024. These platforms have a wide range of movies and shows and also your viewing experience will be smooth and enjoyable.

As of 2024, online streaming has changed a lot, and many people are looking for new options since platforms like Soap2day have faced challenges. Even though Soap2day is no longer available, there are several alternatives you can check out.  Whether you love movies, series, or a mix of content, knowing about different streaming services is key.

This article has a list of the best Soap2day alternatives that offer similar features and content. It’s essential to know that Soap2day likely shut down due to copyright issues, but don’t worry – there are plenty of alternatives to explore.

12 Best Soap2day Alternatives That Work In 2024

1. Goojara: A Great Soap2day Alternative

   What We Like:

  • Simple layout and easy navigation.
  • Has the latest and classic movies.
  • Regularly updated content.
  • Few ads for a better experience.
  • Offers multiple streaming servers for movies.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some lesser-known movies are available.

Why Goojara is the Best?

Goojara is our top pick because it’s easy to use and has great features. When you go to the website, you see new movie posters right away, making it simple to find something to watch.

This site is organized well and have all recently released movies, TV shows, and classics. There are so many movies and shows you might not know about. You can also use the search bar to find specific titles easily.

Streaming on Goojara was smooth for us – we watched “Extraction 2” without any problems. The site is quick, and there are only a few ads. We only saw an ad when we hit “Play,” and it opened in a new tab without bothering our stream. If you have a good ad blocker, you won’t even see this ad.

Goojara has a “popular” section to see what’s trending. You can also browse movies and TV shows by Genre, Year, Language, or in alphabetical order. Goojara is a great choice instead of Soap2day because it’s easy to use, has lots of different shows and movies, and doesn’t bother you with too many interruptions. This tops the list because this is one the best Soap2day alternatives that work in 2024.

2. MusicHQ: Lots of Movies and TV Shows

What We Like:

  • Easy-to-use layout like Soap2day.
  • Huge content collection from different countries.
  • Offers an Android app for convenience.
  • Download option available for movies and TV series.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Pop-up ads may appear.

Despite its name, MusicHQ is a free movie and TV show site, making it a good alternative to Soap2day. The site looks similar to Soap2day, organizing content by Trending, Latest Movies, Latest TV shows, and Coming Soon right on the homepage. You can also find specific titles using the large search bar.

The content comes in CAM (recorded in a movie theater), TS (better quality than Cam), or HD. While this means you can get the latest movies, the video quality may not always be great. If you’re patient, MusicHQ usually gets HD movies a few weeks after release.

We had a smooth experience streaming “Fast X” in HD. MusicHQ offers free movies and TV shows from over 30 countries. We watched the Indian series “Scoop” in HD, even catching the latest episode.

Another plus is that MusicHQ has a dedicated Android app for on-the-go streaming or when you’re traveling. Keep in mind that streaming content abroad has risks, so using a good VPN like NordVPN is recommended for encryption and staying anonymous. This comes very close to number one position in our list of best Soap2day alternatives that work in 2024.

3. SolarMovie: A Good Soap2day Option that’s Always Updated

What We Like:

  • Easy to use and a good experience for users.
  • Not too many annoying ads.
  • Content from more than 35 countries.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The site may look a bit crowded.

SolarMovie is a lot like MusicHQ in how it looks. It’s almost the same, so it’s a cool place to watch movies for free. A lot of Hollywood movies and shows from over 35 countries are available.

We tried picking a certain type of content on the site, like science fiction. It showed us all the science fiction movies, starting with the newest ones. We even watched The Artifice Girl on an Android device, and it played well without any problems.

The best thing is that this website is properly optimized for all type of devices. If you like using apps, SolarMovie has one for Android, making it even easier to use and watch content in HD and 4K.

4. Flixtor: Stylish and Easy-to-Use Design

What We Like:

  • Smooth design that’s easy to use.
  • Lots of new and updated content.
  • Easy-to-find categories.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Ads might be harmful.

FlixTor is a nice and easy-to-use website. It looks good, and you can find things easily. There are many filters to find what you want and even discover new stuff.

The homepage of FlixTor is set up like Soap2day, showing you the latest movies and TV shows. You can switch between different categories without going to different pages.

But, when we tried to start watching a movie, we didn’t like the ads that showed up when we clicked “Play.” We worried they might be bad for our computer. It took us three tries to start the movie because each click opened a new ad in a new tab. Thankfully, after that, we could watch War of the Worlds without any problems.

5. Putlocker: Watch Latest Movies and Shows for Free

What We Like:

  • Shows HD movies and the newest TV shows.
  • Reliable and regularly updated.
  • Especially good for Asian dramas.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lots of ads might pop up.

Putlocker is a free website where you can watch movies, just like Soap2day. While some sites have come and gone, Putlocker is still around.

You can quickly find what you are looking for due to its simple and easy-to-use design.

You can watch the latest HD movies or enjoy popular Asian dramas – Putlocker has a bunch of options. It even has filters for Cartoons and Anime. We enjoyed it because there were many different shows and movies to have a good time.

Putlocker also has TV shows from HBO Max, Disney+ and other popular streaming services.

If you want content from specific countries, Putlocker has a filter for that too, featuring stuff from 25+ countries. This is a good site for recent and diverse content. Just remember, you might see a bunch of ads unless you use an ad blocker.

6. PrimeWire: A Soap2day Alternative for Free and More

What We Like:

  • Movies and TV shows get updated a lot.
  • Easy to find stuff with good filters.
  • Streams things quickly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Ads can be annoying.

PrimeWire is like a super cool store for movies and TV shows. It has everything – big movies, top-rated IMDb stuff, and shows from countries like India, Australia, Spain, Nigeria, and more.

In our tests, things loaded pretty fast, but sometimes there was a bit of a delay, and it wasn’t in HD. If you want HD, you need to go for a premium plan. You can also download stuff to watch on your device, which is nice if you have trouble streaming.

There are ads on the site, which can be a bit bothersome. But, other than that, PrimeWire has a huge collection of different things to keep you entertained.

7. YesMovies: A Trustworthy Place for Free Movies and Shows

What We Like:

  • Nice dark mode that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Lots of different stuff to watch.
  • Easy to find things with good filters.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some ads might get through the ad blocker.

YesMovies is a really good website where you can watch movies for free. It’s been around for a while and is a good choice if you liked Soap2day. They have a big library of movies and TV shows that they update regularly.

You can find both HD and CAM movies on the site. They often have the newest big movies for free, but these are usually in lower quality until the HD version is out.

To keep things free, they show ads and might ask you to turn off your ad blocker. But, from what we saw in our tests, the ads weren’t too annoying and didn’t mess up our watching.

YesMovies lets you filter things by genre – they have everything from Action and Adventure to Talk Shows and News. You can even catch up on the latest episodes of shows like 60 Minutes and Vice under the News tab.

8. GOKU: Enjoy All Shows and Movies in HD

What We Like:

  • Only HD content.
  • Simple design that’s easy to use.
  • Has a good collection of shows and movies.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have many shows or movies from other countries.

Goku is a new option instead of Soap2day that lets you watch and download the latest movies and TV shows for free. It has a big library of stuff from different categories e.g. action movies, horror and more. You can also watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video shows.

Goku has a website that’s easy to use. You can look at different categories or search for specific movies easily. The content is all in HD, and you can download movies in different formats.

It’s cool because you can watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. Plus, you can watch movies in Hindi or with subtitles in different languages.

9. Afdah: Simple and Free Movie Site

What We Like:

  • Easy and makes sense to use.
  • All the movies and TV shows are in HD.
  • Simple to find your way around.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have stuff from different countries.

Afdah is another cool website, kind of like Soap2day, and it’s free. What’s neat is that all the movies and TV shows are in HD, so it looks good compared to some other sites with not-so-great quality stuff.

You can quickly pick what kind of stuff you want to watch by using the links at the top or sorting by the year on the main page. We tried watching The Walking Dead, and it really was in HD (1080p), played smoothly, and sounded good.

Afdah works well on your phone too, and we had no problems watching things while on the move. There’s also a bunch of free stuff that doesn’t need a special license. With all its great shows and movies, it’s a good choice instead of Soap2day.

10. Spacemov: Keep Up with the Newest Movies

What We Like:

  • Everything is organized well.
  • Lots of movies and shows to pick from.
  • Has stuff from different countries.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Ads that pop up can be annoying.

SpaceMov is a cool website where people from all over can watch movies and TV shows for free, no need to sign up. They’ve got a bunch of movies, including ones in English, Hindi, Tamil, and from Nigeria.

You get to choose the quality when you watch movies. The website is cool and simple to navigate. It comes with a dark theme, a search bar for easy finding. You can watch your favorite content from various languages.

Right when you go to the site, you can see the newest movies. We tried watching Wrath of Becky in HD, and it was awesome. The video player worked well, and the movie played without any problems.

The website makes money from ads, but they’re not too annoying. In our tests, there was a pop-up that got in the way of making the player full screen, which was a bit bothersome. But if you don’t have a problem with that then this site is good with a nice collection of content.

11. Crackle: Enjoy Free Sony Pictures Movies

What We Like:

  • Legal and has the right to show movies.
  • Offers different types of content.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only works in the US.
  • Has a lot of ads.

Crackle is run by Sony Corporation, so you can watch free movies legally. This not-so-famous free streaming site has movies from big names like MGM, Sony Pictures, Lions Gate, and more.

It’s a free service, but you’ll see ads while watching. They’ve got around 700+ movies and a bit over 100 TV series. It’s more than some paid options, but not as much as other free services like Tubi TV.

The website and app could be better, and there are quite a few ads. But it works well when streaming. You can use it on your computer phone gaming systems streaming devices and some smart TVs. It works on almost all kinds of devices. You can also use filter to organize content on the website. The mobile app is simple and doesn’t have many features. When you’re watching, it’s standard quality (720p), and you can’t download things to watch offline.

They have options for parental controls and changing captions. You can use the service without making an account, but having one lets you make a watchlist.

12. Hulu

Hulu is a great choice if you’re looking for something different from our main site. It’s a mix of live and on-demand stuff that has a bit of everything. You can watch the newest TV shows, classic movies, and even special Hulu series you can’t find anywhere else. The site is easy to use and you can pick plans that fit your style like ones with or without ads. This website it for all kinds of viewers.

What’s Good. Mix of live and on-demand content.

  • Latest TV shows, classic movies, and exclusive series.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customizable plans, with or without ads.

What’s Not-So-Good:

  • Some plans come with ads, which might interrupt your watching.

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