HariManga and Its Alternatives in 2024

If you are a manga fan, then you definitely know how much Harimanga is famous now. It is not bound to Japan only but is being loved in many other parts of the world. It has a user-friendly interface and also it is very easily accessible in most parts of the world.Every day new stories are being added. Fans love these free websites like Harimanga, as they make them read from any part of the world. But there are many countries or places where Harimanga does not work. So, we have curated this list of the best alternatives of Harimanga in 2024.

Harimanga and alternatives

What is HariManga? Is it Still Working in 2024?

Harimanga is an online website that provides free manga comics such as Manhwa, Mangaa and manhuas. Originally, manga was a Japanese phenomenon that has since spread across the globe.

Harimanga publishes comics in different genres like Love, Comedy, Action and many others. You do not have to pay a single penny, just like premium manga sites. It is quick, non-advertisement and can be used on all devices. You don’t have to register or subscribe. It is a convenient and free method to read your favorite comics.

And yes! Harimanga is still working properly in 2024. The manga novel oppositely perpetuates its success and as series of new stories along with artwork is regularly released. It is gaining a steady fanbase world over and creating worldwide fans on the back of its storyline and characters.

It seems that you can find and read Harimanga on many different sites, or alternatively pick up physical mangas for offline pleasures. In addition, there are chances of introducing a streaming service broadening its reach to other fans. All in all, Harimanga is very much alive and kicking even after 20 years.

Best Alternatives of HariManga in 2024:


On MangaBuddy site, you can enjoy reading manga with an exceptional website that allows easy navigation. With its user-friendly pattern, it is quite easy to plunge into myriads of manga stories. Regardless of your preference for action dramas, comedy drama or fantasy horrors MangaBuddy provides a treasure trove to appeal.

However, some of the manga on MangaBuddy is free to access while others may require a subscription. Moreover, MangaBuddy doesn’t just give access to interesting stories but also offers colorful discussion platforms where you can read each other’s comments and share something funny or even vote in the poll. This is one of the best alternatives of HariManga in 2024. One of the most popular manga, Bersek is also available.


Zinmanga is an another manga website. This distinguishing factor is the developed smart search tool that enables you to find a particular manga with ease. They have unique titles which you can only read from their website. Zinmanga also provides customized recommendations according to your choices, features recently added mangas and offers exclusive discounts for premium users.


S2Manga is an awesome website for the manga addicted. Both Japanese-style manga and comics from the West are available. The good thing about them is that they have unique stories available only on their site.


Newtoki offers a wide range of genres and titles that users can select from, which includes proprietary content one can access on their site only. Moreover, Newtoki always provides readers fresh information through a news section where reviews and reports connected to the latest released manga are available.


Toonily is a manhwa site in Korean. It offers a variety of genres and titles, both free ones for instant consumption и pay-only exclusives that are available only on their platform. The manhwa titles enlisted on the website is well organized, and this makes it very easy for you to locate your desired item.

Toonily additionally has contained special incentives such as coupons for members and monthly prize draws. If your heart goes out to Korean manhwa, you shouldn’t hesitate is visit their website for the best experience.


Webtoons is an online comic portal for all kinds of digital comics. It has a wide range of genres and titles, as well as significant amount from which free can be received. With the easy user interface, you will not find it hard in identifying your desired webcomics. Also, Webtoons offers lists and collections updated regularly as well so that you can easily discover newer webcomics to read.


This online platform 1stkissmanga, is specifically created for manga lovers. You can read manga from many genres and titles and also some of the content that is available exclusively on its website. You can also find your favorite manga easily via its search feature.

They also regularly update lists and add new and interesting materials to read. In addition, 1stkissmanga provides its users with additional bonuses such as interviews with authors and discounts for members which makes it more appealing to active readers. If you are a manga lover seeking unique content and other benefits, 1stkissmanga may be just the site for you!


MangaPark is one of the most popular manga websites.  It has a big library that has many titles and genres. You can read from your old favorites to the new releases.They also have paid members’ discounts and special gifts for those users.  

MangaPark is very simple to navigate, allowing users to find a manga easily with just some clicks. But if you are a lover of manga and would like to find an area which is large in selection, has the extras that everyone else treasures, then Mang Park might be their destination.

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