Duck Life Unblocked – Play the Game free online in 2024

In Duck Life you have to rebuild the lost farm! Train your duck to become a champion in running, flying, and swimming.You can boost four key areas—running, swimming, flying, and energy—to ensure your duck is primed for victory and farm-saving success!

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Duck Life Unblocked

The basic plot of the game is that your farm was struck by a tornado, and you must earn prize money to rebuild it. Train your duck in each skill, race other ducks, and collect coins. Use coins to buy seeds for energy and cool hats or colors for your duck. Your goal is to win races and rebuild your farm!

Duck Life originally created in Flash, has been converted to Unity WebGL to ensure the game remains accessible on desktop web browsers.

How to Play Duck Life


  • Running: Jump with the up arrow.
  • Flying:
    1. Move up with the left arrow.
    2. Move down with the right arrow.
  • Swimming:
    1. Jump with the up arrow.
    2.Dive with the down arrow.
    3.Move left and right with the left and right arrows.


  • Train: Boost your duck’s running, swimming, and flying skills by playing fun minigames. The more you train, the stronger and faster your duck becomes.
  • Nourish: Keep your athlete duck in top form by feeding it special blue seeds for a significant energy boost. These seeds are 100% approved by the Duck Olympic Committee. Feeding regular grains is also an option. Make sure to fuel up your duck with these seeds to enhance its energy score before races.
  • Compete: Once you feel your duck is ready, enter various races to earn money.

Watch your trained duck in action while you sit back and enjoy the show. Winning races not only bring in coins but also unlock new items in the shop for you to explore and enhance your duck’s style.

How to access Duck Life in an Unblocked Way

  • School Proxy Sites – Proxy sites like Unblocked Games 66 EZ or Unblocked Games 76 can bypass school firewalls and give access to Duck Life.
  • VPN Services – Using a VPN like Hotspot Shield or CyberGhost masks your network identity and lets you access blocked games from restricted connections.
  • Unblocked Game Websites – Sites like Coolmathgames or Poki have Duck Life available to play without blocks.
  • Browser Extensions – Plugins like Ultrasurf or Browsec can spoof location and trick firewalls into unblocking games.
  • Mobile Devices – Install Duck Life from the app store on your phone or tablet to play offline without restrictions.
  • Home WiFi Network – Connecting to a personal WiFi not restricted by firewalls makes it easy to access Duck Life.

From Beginners to Champion:

1. Beginner Races (Skill Levels 10-40):

  • Locations: Green Valley, Rocky Cliff, Shallow Lake, Natural World.
  • Reward: 50 coins and a new color or hat.
  • Focus: Overcome obstacles, as victory boosts your skills.

2. Amateur Races (Skill Levels 40-100):

  • Courses: Banister Climb, Leap of Faith, Swimming Pool, Rooftop Jumping.
  • Prize: 100 coins and a new color or hat for the champion.
  • Tip: Challenge yourself with these races to elevate your skills.

3. Expert Races (Skill Levels 100+):

  • Tracks: Up the Volcano, Over the Volcano, Across the River, Volcano Challenge.
  • Victory Bonus: 200 coins and a new color or hat for skilled experts.
  • Pro Move: Experts only! Conquer challenging races to prove your mastery.

4. The World Championship:

  • Toughest Race: Offers the ultimate challenge.
  • Grand Prize: 200,000 coins, a new farm, and a prestigious crown.
  • Warning: Prepare for the strongest opponents and deadly obstacles. Only the best ducks can triumph!

Master each race, overcome obstacles, and aim for victory to become the ultimate Duck Life Unblocked champion!

Tips and Tricks for Duck Life :

1. Invest in Blue:

  •  Prioritize purchasing blue seeds, also known as Skill Seeds, as they boost energy much faster than regular seeds. You should keep your duck’s energy level high success. Running out of energy mid-race can mean losing the race!

2. Go by 10s:

  • Increase each of your duck’s stats by increments of 10 before considering entering a race. Once you’ve reached a milestone of 10 in each stage, give a race a try. You should always remember that different races require varying levels of skill, so be prepared! (P.S.: Aim to have your duck’s energy stats at least double the amount of all other stats before racing in Duck Life Unblocked).

3. Use Races for Improvement:

  • Each tier consists of four races: one for running, swimming, flying, and a combination of all three skills. The final race in each tier provides a basic check of your duck’s skills, which makes it easier to identify areas needing improvement. Losing a race isn’t the end—simply return home and continue training!

Fun Facts about Duck Life:

1. Duck Styling at the Shop:

   – In the item shop, you can find a variety of cool items, including hats, paint colors, and seeds. To unlock hats and paint colors, participate in different races and use the coins you earn to purchase them. Explore a spectrum of paint colors such as hazel brown, juicy orange, crazy red, and more, each costing only 50 coins.

  • Hats Available in the Shop:
  • Flat Cap: Available from the start.
  • Bowler Hat: Unlocked after winning Beginner Races: Natural World (Cost: 100 coins).
  • Propeller Hat: Unlocked through participation in Amateur Races: Rooftop Jumping (Cost: 100 coins).
  • Liberty Spikes: Unlocked by becoming a champion in Expert Races: Volcano Challenge (Cost: 100 coins).
  • Crown: Unlocked after winning the World Championship (Cost: 100 coins).

2. Meet the Developer:

  • Duck Life is the brainchild of Wix Games, an indie studio based in the UK.After tastng the success with duck life they launched Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, Duck Life 4 and Duck Life: Battle.
  • Since its release on November 5, 2007, this game has been updated with new features.
  • It is the first unblocked version of the Duck Life series.

Wix Games has created a fun duck adventure game for all players!\

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