Ace Combat 8 Release Date – Is it Announced ?

For three decades, Ace Combat has entertained players with fast paced arcade flight combat. The latest game, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has sold 5 million units. Now Bandai Namco is preparing for the next instalment, Ace Combat 8. After Ace Combat 7′s success, Bandai Namco officially started working on Ace Combat 8. They have even developed studios like the Project Aces and the Bandai Namco Aces just to prove how serious they are on keeping the series superb. Keep reading to know about Ace Combat 8 release date.

Ace Combat 8 Release Date

Is Ace Combat 8 in Development Stage?

Ace Combat 8 is the next big instalment of the long-running aerial combat simulation game series. It is currently in development at Bandai Namco Entertainment Studio. The seventh entry in the series was Ace Combat 7. It was released for PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.

Bandai Namco Aces is relatively new company. It is made by the veterans of the Ace Combat series. They are collaborating with other companies to make Ace Combat 8. They’ve just opened a new office and are looking for skilled people to join their team.

Ace Combat 8 Release Date and Platforms

At present, Ace Combat 8 is under development and its exact release date hasn’t been officially announced yet but most probably it will come out in year 2025. Communication about the update and the release will be proactively disseminated as soon as the particulars become available.

Generally speaking, Ace Combat games are launched on different platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. VR is becoming popular so the game will possibly be compatible with VR platforms for an immersive gamers’ experience. Stay in touch for more news about the AC8 release date with platforms supported.

What is happening in Ace Combat 8 Development?

In the new report the publisher is still looking for partners for a new part of the Ace Combat series. Bandai Namco Group has created an office devoted to this studio to start recruiting people for Ace Combat 8.

The exact details regarding the next game and the association have not released yet. The project will have more details as the final development stage comes close.

All the Expected Jets and Weapons

Based on the experience from past Ace Combat games, it is logical to assume Ace Combat 8 will parade an extensive assortment of both real and imaginary aircraft, together with various weapon systems. Here’s a simplified forecast of potential inclusions:

Real-world aircraft

Ace Combat 8 will probably include modern fighter jets; for example, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, Su-57 Felon, and Eurofighter Typhoon. Anyway, old aircraft might be brough back. These aircraft list includes F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and Su-27 Flanker. These will be bringing a mix of historical and modern aviation elements.

Fictional aircraft

Following in the series’ footsteps, Ace Combat 8 could add fictional aircraft like the ADFX-01 Morgan, ADF-01 FALKEN, and X-02S Strike Wyvern comparable with historical super planes. These imaginary aircraft are fitted with sophisticated technology as well as special properties catering for the game’s unique mood.


Players can expect a variety of weapon. This includes short range and long-range air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, general-purpose bombs, and special weapons found only in some aircraft. 


Ace Combat 8 might have the feature of aircraft customization. Players can choose from the selection of various weapon loadouts and parts to improve performance. Such a feature allows gamers to choose from many tactics of finishing missions, thus giving each player some uniqueness.

Ace Combat 8 Campaign Story and Mission

Ace Combat 8 guarantees an immersive campaign as aerial fights will be more exciting with a wide variety of aircraft for the players to pick from. These planes can be customized with different weapons and upgrades which lets players configure their loadouts according to their style.

In Ace Combat 8 the missions from the least demanding ones to the most difficult ones will be dog fights, ground attack and stealth operations. The dynamic nature of the scenarios will demand smart thinking.

It is the multiplayer mode of the gamer that`s expected to have both competitive and cooperative modes. Players are able to take part in team deathmatches, capture the flag and so on, hence, the action becomes closely related with people.

Ace Combat 8 will have a variety of enemies ranging from fighter jets, helicopters, boat, and ground vehicles which use different weaponry and strategies like missiles, bombs, and cannons respectively. 

Players will have to apply a variety of strategies to defeat such strong opponents. Incorporating AI enemies of adaptive and reactionary kind who attack when the player is occupied, add an additional layer to the challenges and spice to the gameplay. Prepare for an aerial epic with Ace Combat 8.

Ace Combat 8 will have Enhanced Graphics and Visuals

High-definition textures: All elements in the game, ranging from aircrafts to buildings and ground, will have high resolution textures. Ace Combat will be much clearer and will have crisper visual representation.

Advanced lighting and shadows: Advanced lighting technologies are being used to create shadows which are both realistic and dynamic.

Detailed weather effects: Realistic weather effects like rain, snow, fog, cloud formations simulating wind direction and speed provide the visual appeal and gameplay dynamics. Updated particle effect for smoke, explosion and more makes the scene more realistic.

Expanded World and Environments:

Larger maps: Maps of Ace Combat 8 are wider and more complex. As a result, the game have freedom that is beyond the flight paths and makes explorations with wider range of tactical options.

Diverse locations: Players will discover many different environments, from cities to deserts, forests, and arctic tundras. Every spot gives distinct problems, like the climate changes and ground forms that affect the gameplay.

Ace Combat 8 aims to deliver not only a highly impressive looking game but an extensive living and interactive world which players have the opportunity to conquer and discover.

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