2umovies Alternatives- Top 15 Similar Sites for entertainment

Movies and web series both formats are now famous and entertaining people. 2umovies used to be one of the favorites of movie and web-series lovers. 2umovies covers wide range of films and web-series especially romantic genre. Sometimes 2umovies do not work due to traffic load and other reasons. So, we have curated a list of the top 15 safest and legal alternatives to 2umovies.

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2umovies Alternatives

Top 15 Safest and Legal Alternatives to 2umovies!

1. Crackle 

Sony purchased Crackle from Grouper, which was the original name. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular free video streaming sites.

On Crackle, you can watch many TV shows and movies without paying. They have shown that are considered classics, such as All in the Family and Who’s the Boss; if you like older sitcoms, these will be good for you.

The most interesting part is that you don’t have to pay for using Crackle. However, if you create an account that is free of charge, then it will be possible for you to monitor the shows and movies watched. It is convenient to continue from where you stopped. This is one of the best sites for free streaming with a good quality content.

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a good platform where you can watch movies and television series without paying any charges on all possible devices. The Tubi TV app is available on your mobile phone, tablet or streaming device and it can be downloaded easily. After you get the app, then access to a wide range of programs is granted.

The best part? It is free to join, and it can be synced on all of your devices. Therefore, if you begin to view something on your phone, then the continuation of it is possible directly from where you left off using a tablet or another device.

And do not think that the shows and films on Tubi TV are of poor quality. They have a pile of the hottest action movies from major Hollywood studios. There are lots of great movies in the genres such as comedy and drama. Hence, you have a wide range of choices to choose from!

3. Viewster 

Viewster was a site that used to stream where you could find thousands of films and television series. The majority of the content there was documentary films, independent shows and anime.

The site also included a lot of original web content and short films. If you were a fan of British shows that are popular such as The Inbetweeners and Peep Show, then there would be some few on Viewster.

However, if you were searching for large shows and films from big networks and film studios, Viewster was not the place. The interesting thing about Viewster was that it had a wide variety of web series and anime. If you enjoyed those, Viewster was a great place to go. Viewster was acquired by Cinedigm and teamed up with their lifestyle channel called CONtv.

4. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema is a place where you can watch the movies for free, and they choose their films from different places.

Despite their claim to have full-feature Hollywood movies, the majority of content on this site is produced by independent filmmakers. They have a combination of low budget films, fan made movies and they also broadcast trailers or reviews for popular films.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix came into operation in 2011, with most of the films being independent. Initially, they had a pile of self-made stuff and web series.The rub is that these first-rate films have commercials. Then, you will need to watch a number of ads in order to see the entire film.

Popcornflix also has TV series old cartoons and a little bit of British stuff. If you are a fan of variety, Popcornflix might be what you need.

The video streaming site Pluto TV is popular and has a ton of content to watch. It is somewhat different from other streaming sites. Instead of selecting a particular programme or film, you browse over a hundred channels.

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV channels have a variety of things to see. There is original content, programs from conventional TV networks, documentaries independent films web series news and more.

They even have material that you can’t get anywhere else, such as CNET, IGN and the World Poker Tour shows. If you like channel surfing and finding something new, then Pluto TV is your vibe!

7. Vudu

Vudu is a streaming service that offers free and pay services. You can register for free to watch thousands of TV shows and movies. If you wish, there is also the option of purchase or rental for the latest blockbuster hits.

The free goods on Vudu are a combination of classic and contemporary movies as well old sitcoms. When you are enjoying the free content, there will be some advertisements that can appear, but they tend to last for a short period and do not pop up too frequently.

Movies and shows are placed in categories. Or if you want something new, just a few clicks will help to see the most recent updates. Whether you are a fan of free content or just want to watch the newest blockbusters, Vudu has got it all.

8. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films mainly focus on documentary films. You do not watch them via an app on your device but rather online. It has documentaries on many things such as sports, society, technology science and religion.

The movies can be brief, such as 15 minutes long or longer ones for an hour. They are produced not by big companies instead it is made by individuals. However, they are entertaining and enjoyable to observe. If you love documentary movies, then you can check out.

9. Archive.org

Archive.org is a large site which contains millions of films. Most of the material is uploaded by people, not companies. Therefore, you will not get the latest TV shows or newly released movies, but the best thing is everything on this site is free!

The users upload the content, but there are more than 600 movies in spite of this. These movies are typically vintage, being over 70 years old and now in the public domain. Therefore, if you are a fan of old-school sci-fi or horror movies from the 1930s and early ’40s this is where they’ll be. It’s a treasure chest for vintage movie enthusiasts.

10. YouTube

The YouTube is not only about funny home videos, but it’s a real treasure of everything. Of course, there are millions of home videos, but you can also find TV shows, movies and even cartoons.

Individuals share open domain motion pictures, autonomous films and so forth. Almost all major television channels have their own YouTube channel, where they release trailers and special content.

YouTube is the most visited website in the world as there will never be a lack of content to watch. It is so popular that there are not many substitutes which can do the same.

YouTube even has a premium subscription that, for 10.98 per month gives you access to live TV and exclusive shows on the platform itself. Thus, there is a whole lot more to discover if you are ready for something more than just the goofy home videos!

11. Retrovision Classic Movies

Retrovision Classic Movies is a small streaming site with a short but carefully selected set of classic movies. The good news is you do not need to register for an account – just select the movie that interests you, and enjoy!

What sort of films will you find there? Primarily, it is old movies that now carry a public domain status. Therefore, you’ll find classic horror movies as well as sci-fi films from the 1930s to the 60.

There are also random incidents of old TV shows such as Dick Van Dyke and the Jack Benny Show. This site is made for all those who love retro TV and movies. It is like going back into the past and enjoying the old days entertainment.

12. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is a pretty cool site that has many movies, documentaries, and short films with the twist being most of it was made independently.

But here’s the catch: the content is hosted on other sites. This website is basically a video embedder that allows you to find content from various streaming sites in one place. However, just a heads up – there are quite some pop-up ads.

If you click on a title, prepare yourself for some clicking. Initially, the first clicks may lead to ads; however, you will finally get on that title’s webpage.

Despite the fact that this site has a limited choice, and it can be quite confusing to use with all those ads, Movies Found Online remains one of the best online sources for movies not readily available. Now, please be patient with the clicks!

13. Open Culture

Open Culture is a free streaming site with more than 1,000 movies. The key feature is that you do not need to register and there’s no app for streaming devices – one watches the content on a browser.

The content is selected by the site creator. You can learn more about foreign cultures. There is a wide variety of movies, from Korean films to classic Russian ones and Hollywood classics, silent film, westerns or old suspense thrillers in the genre of Film Noir.

The majority of the content is not hosted on the Open Culture website. Alternatively, you can scroll through multiple lists of movies and click on a link to watch the movie in another site. This method enables you to find some unpopular titles which are difficult or impossible to locate otherwise. If you like to peruse a wide range of films and are interested in cultural differences, Open Culture could be useful for you.

14. Classic Cinema Online

The site Classic Cinema Online is very simple and does not require a membership or sign-in. You can browse the site with complete freedom and start watching anything that catches your fancy.

The site has hundreds of the full-length movie, mostly from 1940s and some selected ones from 1960’s to early seventies covering various genres such as western movies or family films. Some of these films can be accessed for free.

It is also interesting to note that most of the movies are embedded from other sites, which may result in a few broken links. These can be an issue for some people, Classic Cinema Online is a convenient resource for finding and viewing older films.

15. Vimeo

Vimeo was established in 2004 and a year older than YouTube. It is a video sharing platform, same as YouTube where the users can upload their own content. Vimeo support HD video making it one of the best platforms for independent filmmakers who want to showcase their films.

Vimeo today houses thousands of films and short movies, mostly in HD. The material covers different fields, from comedy to experimental. Even though there are many recent films that were produced by small studios and independent filmmakers, Vimeo also includes some old classics as well as obscure foreign movies. This variety makes it a place where professionals and amateurs can release their cinematographic pieces to the public.

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