Yuzu vs Ryujinx: Best emulator for The Tears of the Kingdom

Fans of “Legend of Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom” are discussing on Quora and Reddit which emulator is best for Totk (Tears of the Kingdom). An emulator enables you to play games from consoles like the Nintendo Switch on a PC. At present, we have two great Nintendo Switch emulators: Yuzu and Ryujinx.

Yuzu has been around for a while and is known for working with lots of games, but it needs a good computer to run well. Ryujinx is easier to use, and it’s also really good at playing games just like they would on the actual console.

Both emulate Switch games on PC with impressive performance and playability. However, there are key differences between the emulators that will determine which provides the optimal Tears of the Kingdom experience. While Yuzu edges out Ryujinx in compatibility and game support currently, Ryujinx offers greater customization and experimental features.Lets analyze:

About Yuzu

Yuzu is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra. Launched in January 2018, Yuzu is built using C++ programming language, ensuring high performance and compatibility with modern PC hardware.To run Yuzu, you need an OpenGL 4.6 capable GPU and a CPU that has high single-core performance.

 It supports Windows, Linux and Android OS.It also requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. On May 13, one day after Tears of the Kingdom’s official launch, the Yuzu team announced on twitter that the totk is fully playable, you just need the emulator and your licensed copy of TotK.

About Ryujinx

Ryujinx, a Nintendo Switch emulator, was developed by gdkchan around November 2017 and the first version was released on GitHub on February 5th 2018.. Built using the C# programming language, it focuses on accuracy and ease of use.

Ryujinx is compatible with and can be used on systems running Windows 10/11, macOS, and Linux-based systems.


Yuzu vs Ryujinx

Yuzu vs Ryujinx RAM requirements:

When looking at Yuzu and Ryujinx, how much computer memory (RAM) they need is important. Yuzu needs more memory, usually 8GB or more, On the other hand, Ryujinx doesn’t need as much memory. It can work well even if your computer only has 4GB of memory.

This makes Ryujinx a good choice for people who don’t have a very powerful pc. It still plays games nicely, even though it doesn’t use a lot of memory.

Yuzu vs. Ryujinx FPS Comparison

Yuzu and Ryujinx are different in how smooth they run games (measured in FPS – frames per second).  Yuzu, optimized for higher-end PCs, can achieve higher FPS, offering smoother gameplay in demanding games. 

On the other hand Ryujinx, while generally offering lower FPS compared to Yuzu on high-end systems, maintains consistent and playable frame rates on a broader range of PCs, including mid-range setups. This makes Ryujinx a good choice if you have a pc with low hardware configuration.

Yuzu vs. Ryujinx Bugs and Errors

Yuzu, being a more complex and feature-rich emulator, can sometimes encounter bugs related to its advanced emulation techniques. Ryujinx, on the other hand, is known for its focus on stability and accuracy. 

While it is not completely free from bugs, its issues are often less frequent and less severe compared to Yuzu. 

However, because it prioritizes accuracy and simplicity, Ryujinx might lack some of the more advanced features of Yuzu, which can lead to limitations in emulating certain games or specific functionalities.

Yuzu vs Ryujinx : Conclussion which to choose

Launch Year20182018
Primary LanguageC++C#
FocusAdvanced emulation, High performanceAccuracy, Ease of use
System RequirementsHigh (powerful PC needed)Moderate
User FriendlinessCan be complexMore user-friendly
PerformanceHigher on high-end systemsConsistent on a wide range of systems
StabilityVaries with game and hardwareGenerally more stable
Game CompatibilityBroad, but dependent on system specsGood, with focus on accuracy

This table provides an overview of the key characteristics and differences between Yuzu and Ryujinx, helping to inform your choice based on your specific needs and system capabilities.

Choosing between Yuzu and Ryujinx depends on your specific needs and your PC’s capabilities. If you have a high-end PC and are looking for advanced emulation with higher frame rates and graphical fidelity, Yuzu is the better choice. It’s well-suited for those who want to push the limits of Switch emulation and don’t mind dealing with occasional complexities or bugs for a more feature-rich experience.

On the other hand, if you have a mid-range PC or prioritize ease of use and stability, Ryujinx is the way to go. ​Ryujinx is particularly appealing for those who prefer a straightforward setup and a reliable, stable gaming experience, even if it means slightly lower performance on high-end systems.

If you want to ask me which i will suggest than my choice is yuzu.

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