“Xbox Can’t Connect to DHCP Server”- How To Fix: 8 Fixes

Do you keep getting the error that Xbox can’t connect to the DHCP server when you try to connect to your Xbox console through network/internet? Your wait is over; we’ll talk about some potential solutions to this problem. But first, let’s gain a clearer picture of the issue.

There are now numerous consoles built and produced by global corporations. Examples are Sony’s PlayStation, Foxconn’s Nintendo Switch, Microsoft’s Xbox, etc. Microsoft owns and develops the Xbox game console brand. A television or other display media can be connected to the game console. Games on Xbox have realistic graphics. Microsoft gained an early footing in the online gaming business because of Xbox’s online gaming service, making it a strong contender against rival gaming consoles.

The Xbox, Microsoft’s first video game console, became highly popular among players since it included capabilities that no other gaming console at the time could equal. Thanks to its mother company’s infinite resources, Xbox utilized billions of dollars in advertising. It swiftly rose to the top, causing one of the gaming system pioneers, Sega, to pull out. It is the beginning of a heated battle between three of today’s most popular game systems.

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is software that listens for DHCP requests and issues an IP address in response. When you select “automatic” mode, which most people do by default, it connects your laptop/phone/etc. to the internet. Most home routers have a DHCP server that will assign a private network address to any device that requests one, usually in the range of (if it is on a wired connection, or once it has been authenticated on WiFi).

It’s more fun when connected online with Xbox Live, but you can also play offline with Xbox One. The advantages of an Xbox Live subscription outweigh the disadvantages. As a result, the Xbox One console will occasionally fail to connect to Live for unknown reasons; however, this is one of the sources of annoyance. Where difficulties arise from time to time for some of the users.

What’s DHCP Server error and its causes?

Lately, many users have complained about receiving ‘Can’t connect to your DHCP error ‘while trying to connect to the Xbox console over the internet. This error occurs when the DHCP server fails to issue an IP address to your Xbox console. As a result of this issue, you cannot connect to the Network and receive this error-“Xbox Can’t Connect to DHCP Server“.

The most likely cause of this problem is that your Xbox console’s IP address has been issued with another device. However, below are a few tips and techniques to solve your issue for such a problem.

How To Fix Xbox Can’t Connect to DHCP Server?

Below are some of easiest methods to solve Xbox can’t connect to DHCP server error:

Manual troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a method of problem-solving that is frequently used to identify and resolve problems with your device. Manually troubleshooting the DHCP Server is the first approach to fix this issue. Follow the steps outlined below to accomplish it.

  • For 5 minutes, turn off your XBOX system.
  • Switch on console and router device after 5 minutes
  • Now press the menu button on your remote.
  • Select Network from the drop-down menu under the Settings option.
  • Hit Advanced Setting
  • Choose Test Network Connection from the Network Setting window.

Provide Static IP address

Your Xbox console’s dynamic IP can cause this problem. You may resolve the issue by giving your console a static IP address. The following are the steps you must take:

  • Switch on your Xbox 360 system.
  • On the Xbox Home screen, press and hold the Menu button.
  • After that, look for the Settings option and click it.
  • Select Network, choose Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Find and write down the IP address under ‘IP Settings’ on the ‘Advanced Settings’ page.
  • There is a MAC address field in the IP settings where you must input the 12-digit connection address you use at home.
  • Go to your browser’s search box and type it in to find the default gateway.
  • Now log into your router’s interface. Input the username and password shown on the sticker on your router to do so.
  • Select Enable Manual Assignment from the drop-down menu.
  • In the newly created box, type in your MAC and IP addresses, which you have previously written down.
  • Activate the Add button. Check if the problem has been resolved by starting your game again.

Change the Ethernet cable.

Experimenting with a different Ethernet port or cable is a good idea. You could try a different Ethernet port or cable. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Turn off your modem and Xbox console.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable from both devices.
  • Attempt to connect the cable to different ports on the modem or router.
  • Switch on both devices and wait for them to connect.
  • Hit the Menu Tap on the remote to the Setting> Network option.
  • Select Test Network Connection from the Network Setting window that has now opened.
  • After that, check if the DHCP server error has been fixed.

If you continue to receive this error, try testing the Ethernet port. To address this issue, follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Remove the Ethernet cable that connects your Xbox to your modem.
  • Now, go to your computer and unhook the ethernet cord that connects it to your modem.
  • Insert the cable from the Xbox One that you removed from the computer.
  • Run a connection test on your Xbox One Live connection.

DHCP Enable/Disable

At times simple enabling/disabling Xbox can’t connect to DHCP server error can help us with the issue.

To disable the DHCP server, follow the procedures below:

  • To begin, press Windows + X on your keyboard and select Network Connections from the menu that appears.
Xbox Can't Connect to DHCP Server
  • The Ethernet Properties window will appear on your screen due to this action. Double-click on the active network connection and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 or 6 from the drop-down menu, then Properties.
  • Select “Use the following IP address” from the drop-down menu.
  • Assign IP addresses, default gateways, and subnet masks, among other things. Return to the static IP configuration after stopping the DHCP server. By assigning the incorrect settings, you risk losing your internet connection.

Follow the steps below to enable the DHCP server:

  • Hit the Windows + X keys on your keyboard, then select Network Connections from the menu that appears.
  • The Ethernet Properties window will appear on your screen due to this action. Double-click the active network connection, then select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 or 6 from the drop-down menu, then Properties.
  • Select both options: Automatically obtain the IP address and the DNS server address. After that, press the OK button.

Remember to restart your computer after enabling the DHCP server so that all of your modifications take effect.

Restart the Xbox and the router if necessary.

Any transient issue in the equipment that creates this type of error will be resolved by rebooting your router and Xbox console. The following are the steps to power cycle your Xbox console and router:

  • Turn off both the Xbox and the router.
  • Unplug the power cable from both the Xbox Console and router devices. Wait for at least 5 minutes.
  • Now switch on both of your devices and wait for a flawless connection to form.
  • On your Xbox Remote, press and hold the Menu button.
  • Now select the following option from the drop-down menu under Settings: Network.
  • After that, select Network Settings and then ‘Test Network Connection.’

After that, check if the Xbox connection failed issue is still present.

Reset Your Xbox to Factory Settings

If your Xbox isn’t having any issues with the Live server, and your home network isn’t having any issues with the internet, you’re good to go. In that instance, the issue could be with the Xbox system. Perhaps some unidentified software prevents your Xbox from connecting to the DHCP server.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to factory reset your XBOX system. However, Perform a backup of all your files before doing a factory reset, which will erase all your files from the console.

To back them up, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Home screen and scroll left to find the Guide.
  • Select Settings > All Settings > System from the drop-down menu.
  • On Xbox One, the installation has come to a halt.
  • Select Console info & updates
  • Reset console from the drop-down menu.
  • Error: Xbox One Installation Has Stopped
  • There are two alternatives here: (1) Reset and delete everything; (2) Reset and keep all of my games and apps.
  • It is recommended that you utilize the latter to reset your device and delete corrupted data without losing your games or loaded apps.
  • If this option fails, utilize the Reset and Remove Everything option. Remember that selecting this option will remove all games, saved games, files, and apps, so make a backup of any vital files before proceeding.
  • After you’ve completed the procedure, try installing the game again.

Your Xbox Console might be blocked

Modifying the Xbox One console causes Microsoft to block it from connecting to the Xbox network permanently. The last option is to contact the Xbox Enforcement support team and apologize for improper behavior.

It is the only option you have to attempt to fix. Xbox can’t connect to the DHCP server.

Contact Customer Care

If the problem persists, consider contacting Xbox Customer Service via the ‘https://support.Xbox.com/contact-us/’ website.

It is the official Xbox customer support page, and it will undoubtedly assist you in fixing the can’t connect to DHCP server Xbox error.

If none of the ways work, your hardware may be faulty. For example, it’s possible that the cable you’re using is faulty or that the port you’re using has a flaw. If this is the case, you will need to seek the assistance of a hardware repair specialist.

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