Why Some WoW Players Fail While Others Don’t 

The next time you hear someone complaining about not performing well in World of Warcraft, don’t think that the game is difficult for them. There are times when players are unable to perform well in the game not because of the game’s difficulty but because of their own skills. 

World of Warcraft is a popular RPG that has one of the biggest fan followings in the world. It allows you to complete quests, unlock mounts, complete Raids and Dungeons, and much more. You can also earn Gold in the game to purchase different stuff. And if you are struggling to get rich in the game, make sure to check out how to get Wow Gold. Overall, the game offers a pretty amazing experience for players. 


At times, players fail to perform poorly in the game. Yes, the game can be difficult for some players, but the majority of players who fail to play well aren’t just trying hard enough. You will see such players always complaining about things, but they will never accept that they aren’t working hard enough. Today, we are going to discuss some reasons behind why some WoW players fail while others don’t.

They Aren’t Learning Anything

A lot of players who often fail to perform well are playing with the wrong class. WoW lets you choose from different classes at the start, and each class is unique. However, all of them are built for different playstyles, so you need to pick one which you think goes well with your style. 


Now, what some players do is that instead of doing some research and picking up the class that suits their needs, they end up choosing the one which they think looks the coolest. Or, if they see a professional player or steamer playing with a certain class, they decide to go with it. What this means is that they completely ignore the fact that they are choosing something that won’t suit their playstyle. 

What they should do instead is first learn about each class and see how it works. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that can help them learn about the class they are choosing, and they should make their decision after doing proper research. Otherwise, their entire journey is going to be full of regrets. 

They Don’t Practice 

Practice is the key to improving in games like World of Warcraft. Without it, don’t expect to become good. If you see the routine of pro players, you will notice that they practice a good number of hours every day.

Now, for those who don’t have any friends, you can practice alone or with random teammates. But if you have a group of friends who play the game regularly, take some time out every day to play with them. And if your friends are better than you in the game, that’s even better as they will help you learn a lot of stuff. 

Knowing your role in Raids and Dungeons is pretty important. These two are all about teamwork, and this can only be done when every player is following their role. Some players try to get out of their role and then complain about the run getting ruined. But what they don’t see is that if they just had stayed in their role and assisted their teammates, they could’ve completed the entire run swiftly. 

They Don’t Communicate 

Communication is a big part of our daily lives. Without it, we can not live in this world. For instance, if you go to a shop and want to buy a bottle of water, you will need to tell them that you need one verbally. Or, you can write it down, and they will get it for you.

In games, it’s no different. You need to communicate with your teammates. Otherwise, no one will know what the other player is thinking or is about to do. For instance, if you spot an enemy far away, you need to use text or voice chat to let your teammates know about the threat wandering around. Otherwise, if your teammates get killed, it’s on you. Therefore, never shy away from communicating with your teammates. 


This was everything you needed to know about why some WoW players fail while others don’t. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why one could be performing poorly in the game. If you are one of them, you need to drop the lazy attitude quickly and get serious about it. Until and unless you work hard, you won’t be able to go far in the game. Sure, if you are just in for a few quick matches, don’t bother. But if you are serious about becoming the best, get ready for some hectic gaming sessions. 

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