Why Did My YouTube Video Upload in 360p? [Guide 2023]

Youtube is probably the best free video streaming platform available to mankind. With tons of handy features and preferences, it has been a good buddy to all sorts of users and audiences. However, being not aware of various less heard features and working styles, some users get bewildered with some questions. One such question from creators is why did my youtube video upload in 360p. This question is evident for those who create and share high-quality content with their viewers.

If you are looking for the answer for the same, check out this post till the end. We assure you to provide valuable insights and acknowledge the actual process of the youtube upload system.


Why Does YouTube Only Show 360p or 720p videos?

Youtube wants its users to watch content in the highest resolution to get the best experience. On the contrary, some videos are viewed and loaded in lower resolutions like 360p and 720p. There can be multiple reasons behind the same. Let us look into each of these in the following:

Default Inappropriate resolution

If you can’t check out videos in high resolution, you must probably check if the default resolution is set to 360p. Since this happens in most cases, the resolution may not be enhanced automatically even if the internet connection is good enough. Thus, start with trying to change the resolution of the video from youtube player settings.

Are you watching a new Youtube Video?

Whenever you upload a new video on youtube, various versions of the same render for different resolutions. For example, if you have uploaded a video in 4k resolution, youtube renders various resolutions starting from 144p to 4k. Since lower resolutions are faster to load, videos can be plated in lower resolutions soon after buffering is completed. However, higher resolutions can take upto hours to buffer. Thus many users complain about queries like why did my youtube video upload in 360p. Actually, youtube uploads all versions of the video, however by the time you are watching the video, the higher resolutions may not be rendered yet.

Inadequate internet connection/speed

If you could watch your video in lower resolution only, please check if the internet connection is stable and adequate to buffer high-resolution content. Youtube always wants its users to have the best experience without buffering in most cases. Thus, when there is a glitch in the network, it reduces the quality of the video instead of buffering it. In this expedition, your video would have been switched to 360p resolution automatically.

Inferring the probable reasons can lead us to the solutions to mitigate these; let us look into the same in the following lines.

How to view your content in HD Quality?

Ensuring the above three challenges are mitigated can make you access your content in HD quality. Firstly, ensure the resolution settings are higher. Secondly, wait for the higher resolution of the video to render. And finally, check if your internet connection could buffer you with high-quality content. Also, note that the internet speed required for 1080p with 30fps is mani-folds lesser than a 4k video with 60 fps. Thus playing a 4k video needs a lot of factors to cooperate.

How can you make viewers watch only HD videos only?

Being aware of the reasons behind your content playing in lower resolutions, you can probably make enough adjustments to ensure your viewers view only the high-quality version. The tip is very simple, do make your uploaded video public before the high-quality resolution is rendered. This ensures that high-quality video will be offered from your side. While the other two factors are personal, users may have to check them out on their end.

How To Check The Video Resolution Of Your Video?

In this article, we have been discussing checking and analyzing the resolution of videos. We hope you know how to check these. If not, you can check out the following lines to know how to check and change the resolution of any youtube video:

  • Step 1: Open Youtube in your favorite browser and select a video that you prefer to watch.

Why did my youtube video upload in 360p
  • Step 2: Wait for the video to load. Once the player is loaded, you can see a set of options below it. Click in the gear symbol, which depicts Settings.

  • Step 3: In the list of options that pop up, click on quality. You can see the present resolution there itself.

  • Step 4: Once you click on quality, you can see the list of options to select from. Select the preferred quality to apply it.

Why did my youtube video upload in 360p

Summing Up

You are here, which implies you are now aware of why did my youtube video upload in 360p. The reasons behind the same and the relevant solutions and insights are provided for your comprehension. Youtube has all its features and options handy, thus making changes and accessing them is effortless. Users need to just understand the process and how it is done. We hope this post is helpful to you to answer your query. Now on, Don’t step back in viewing the best quality of content and let others view the best quality without compromise.

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