Damon Salvatore Rule 34 – Why this trend started?

The internet is a very strange place. Here, cats become celebrities, memes become political statements and one such meme is “Damon Salvatore Rule 34”.Let’s find out who is Damon Salvatore and what’s its connection with Rule 34.

damon salvatore rule 34

Damon Salvatore Rule 34

Who is Damon Salvatore?

Damon Salvatore is one of the main characters in the hit 2009 supernatural TV drama The Vampire Diaries. Played by actor Ian Somerhalder, Damon is a complex vampire who is initially positioned as the show’s antagonist but later emerges as an antihero.

As the older brother of fellow vampire Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley), Damon is portrayed as the “bad boy” of the two. He has a dark, mysterious aura and a very chaotic, impulsive personality. Damon uses his superior vampire abilities for violence and mischief, lacking his brother’s restraint and morality.

Yet Damon’s enticing danger and magnetism made him an instant fan favorite. His smoldering good looks, piercing blue eyes, witty snark, and frequent shirtless scenes cemented his status as a major heartthrob vampire.

What is Damon Salvatore Rule 34?

Rule 34 is a saying on the internet that means if something exists, there is adult content about it. This means that no person, character, or idea is safe from having NSFW (not safe for work) material made about them online.

The phrase “Damon Salvatore Rule 34” started on a website called Tumblr. A fan posted a picture of Damon Salvatore, a character from the TV show “The Vampire Diaries” and said he followed Rule 34. This led to many other fans creating and sharing adult images and stories about Damon. There is even a special place online, called a subreddit, where people can share this type of content about Damon.

The reason this trend took off is that many people find Damon Salvatore, played by actor Ian Somerhalder, very attractive. His bad boy personality and the fact that he is often shown without a shirt makes people fantasize about him. Fans use these adult images and stories as a way to express their attraction to this fictional character.

‘Rule 34’ History & Origin

Its exact origin date is unknown but we find some references related to rule 34.

A comic strip made by TangoStari (Peter Morley-Souter) once showed a person’s surprise at seeing not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content related to Calvin and Hobbes, a newspaper comic. The phrase “Rule 34” was used to describe how people on the internet turn innocent things into NSFW content.The comic isn’t well-known now, but “Rule 34” is still a popular term. Another webcomic, xkcd, also made a comic titled “Rule 34,” helping make the term even more well-known.

What is TikTok’s ‘Damon Salvatore Rule 34’ and Why It is Trending?

Given TikTok‘s strict policies, you won’t find content explicitly mentioning “Damon Salvatore Rule 34” on the app. However, some users have referred to it indirectly through phrases like “Damon Salvatore Rule 30 four” or “Rule 35.”

People make videos that talk about the topic in a roundabout way. They make jokes about searching for the term or trick others into looking it up. This way, they talk about the Rule 34 meme without showing or saying anything that’s not allowed on TikTok.

The meme is popular on TikTok because it makes people curious about things like sexuality and being a fan of something, even if they can’t show the actual content. This shows how TikTok has a hard time controlling adult topics while still letting people be creative.

Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, and The Vampire Diaries

In “The Vampire Diaries,” Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, has a special relationship with Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev. At first, Damon is shown as the bad guy. He does mean things and causes trouble. But as the show goes on, we see a different side of him. He starts to care about people and this is mostly because he falls in love with Elena. His love for her changes him and shows us that he is not all bad. This makes him a character that people love, even though he has done bad things.

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, has talked about how much he enjoys playing this character. He likes that Damon is complicated and has many different emotions. It lets him show off his acting skills and makes playing Damon an exciting challenge.


What is Damon Salvatore Rule 34?

Damon Salvatore Rule 34 is an adult meme that originated on the internet. It refers to Rule 34 – “if it exists, there is porn of it.” So the meme implies adult content exists featuring Damon Salvatore.

How did Damon Salvatore Rule 34 meme started?

The meme started because many fans find Damon’s character attractive. His appeal as a “bad boy” vampire fuels fantasies and imagination, which led to erotic artwork and stories about him being created.

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