WCOForever: Is It Safe to watch Anime Online ? Alternatives

WCOForever’s full form is Watch Cartoons Online Forever and it is a popular free anime streaming site that allows users like us to watch a wide variety of animated shows and movies without any fee or registration. They have hosted a huge collection of old and new anime series, which is the reason WCOForever became a frequently visited platform among anime lovers looking for free online streaming. Now, every weekend, I sit in my chair with my laptop and watch my favorite anime shows.

Is WCOForever Safe to Use?

While WCOForever hosts a large directory of your favorite anime titles, there are concerns about the safety and legitimacy of this platform that users should consider:

  • Lots of ads like popup, redirect, and overlay ads disrupt your viewing experience.
  • No HTTPS Encryption: It lacks HTTPS protocol encryption, exposing user data and activity to hackers.
  • Hosts Pirated Content: Most series on WCOForever are hosted without copyright permissions, raising legal concerns.
  • Risk of Malware: The security risks mean the site could potentially serve malware-infected content to unsuspecting visitors.

The Risks of Using WCOForever

WCOForever poses some key risks that users should not ignore:

  • Malware infections from ads can harm the security of your phone/laptop.
  • Watching pirated content is illegal in many countries and you may face legal trouble with copyright violations.

How does WCOForever work?

  • WCOForever provides episodes of anime series and movies hosted on its website
  • You can browse anime shows by season, genre, release year, etc, and select a title to watch.
  • Upon selecting an anime, you are taken to the episodes page.
  • Clicking an episode video title will start playing the video in SD quality which you can change it to HD quality.
  • Sidebar ads may disturb you but at the bottom, there is a link provided which will help to block ads.
  • No registration is needed to watch content.
  • WCOForever earns revenue from the ads displayed rather than video hosting or subscriptions.

Is WCOForever available on the mobile app?

No, WCOForever does not have an official mobile app available for download. WCOForever is a web-based platform that can only be accessed through a mobile web browser.

There are no iOS or Android apps offered by WCOForever to stream anime on your phone or tablet. You have to visit the WCOForever website via Chrome, Safari, or any other browser on your mobile device.

Some third-party developers may have created unofficial WCOForever apps, but these are not endorsed by WCOForever directly. They possibly violate their terms of use.

The lack of a WCOForever mobile app makes the streaming experience sluggish on mobile devices and users report issues like slow loading times and browser compatibility errors.

More sites like WCOForever

WCOStream is a another popular website where you can watch lots of cartoons and anime for free. Its interface is alsos easy to use, and you don’t have to sign up or pay anything to watch.

WCO.tv is another platform to enjoy your favorite anime episodes

Kisscartoon.sh – Kisscartoon’s large anime series collection attracts anime fans huge viewership, and many fans consider it the best among all free anime streaming options.

Safer Alternatives to WCOForever for Streaming Anime

Why take a risk when we have legal alternatives to stream anime securely and ethically:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video

Tips to use WCOForever safely

If you still wish to use it, exercise these precautions:

  • Use an AdBlocker to restrict disruptive ads and malware risks.
  • Use paid antivirus software in case of infected content.
  • Don’t download any files from third-party sources on the site.
  • Avoid supplying any personal or login details on the site.
  • Don’t click on popups and ads.
  • You can use a trusted VPN also.

The Future of Free Anime Streaming

Anime fans outside Japan had to use unofficial sites like WCOForever to watch new shows. This was because anime was hard to get and very expensive in other countries. But now, more anime is being streamed worldwide at the same time as Japan. Big services like Netflix and Crunchyroll are getting licenses to stream more anime legally with subtitles and dubs. This means fans can watch new and classic anime easily without pirating. More people streaming and paying for anime means more money for companies to make anime. In the future, new technology will also help bring anime to more people globally. Illegal streaming might not stop completely, but it looks like it will become less common because legal streaming is becoming cheaper.

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