Slow Horses Season 4 release date status & cast ?

The hit British spy series Slow Horses is returning for a fourth season on Apple TV+, after seasons 3 and 4 were confirmed to be filmed back-to-back just like the previous two seasons. its imdb rating is 8/10 when last checked.

Slow Horses season 4

Slow Horses Season 4 release date

Just see the pattern below of slow horses tv series previous release dates and we can expect that the makers will release it on near Christmas 2024 in the month of December. Season 4 series title name and how many episodes will be there is not yet announced.

SeasonSeries TitleEpisodesRelease Date
1Slow Horses61 April 2022 – 29 April 2022
2Dead Lions62 December 2022 – 30 December 2022
3Real Tigers629 November 2023 – 27 December 2023
4 Not Announced6 (most probably)December (expected)

Slow Horses Season 4 Expected Cast

Slow Horses follows a team of disgraced MI5 agents relegated to the sluggish “Slough House” department under the leadership of their spiteful boss Jackson Lamb, played by Gary Oldman. While details are still scarce, we can expect more dark humor and espionage adventures when season 4 likely drops sometime in 2024.

Gary Oldman is confirmed to reprise his role as Lamb, with Jack Lowden also returning as agent River Cartwright alongside supporting cast members like Kristin Scott Thomas. New additions for season 4 include acclaimed actors Hugo Weaving and Joanna Scanlan.

Slow Horses Season 4 Plot Hints :

The plot seems set to focus on River’s grandfather David Cartwright, who Lamb worked with in the past. When Cartwright forgets secrets are meant to be hidden, he becomes a target with his life at risk. River must decide whether to go rogue to protect his grandfather despite his flaws.

A bombing also rocks the foundations of Slough House, potentially exposing more personal secrets and testing loyalties. More details of the season 4 storyline are sure to emerge closer to its eventual premiere on Apple TV+.

But with much of the cast and creative team returning after highly praised prior seasons, fans can likely expect another strong delivery of Slow Horses’ signature mix of dry humor, complex characters, intrigue, and high stakes when season 4 drops.

What happened in previous seasons of Slow Horses ?

Season 1: Jackson Lamb leads a team of disgraced MI5 agents relegated to the sluggish Slough House department. When a training exercise goes wrong, agent River Cartwright is demoted there, and becomes embroiled in an off-the-books operation to rescue a kidnapped student involving far-right politicians.

Season 2: Cold War secrets of Russian sleeper agents emerge when an ex-agent dies on a bus after recognizing his old torturer. River investigates, uncovering a conspiracy involving poisoning, assassination, and an anti-capitalist protest. A plane bombing is narrowly averted.

Season 3: When agent Catherine Standish is kidnapped, River must sneak into MI5 headquarters to steal classified files for her release. But the abductors have ulterior motives tied to a mysterious death in Istanbul, leading to unauthorized operations and deadly clashes between spies.


When will Slow Horses season 4 be released?

A specific date is not confirmed, but season 4 will likely premiere around December 2024 based on past release patterns.

Who is in the cast for season 4?

Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden will return in their lead roles. New cast includes Hugo Weaving and Joanna Scanlan.

How can I watch the previous 3 seasons?

The show is an Apple TV+ original series. All previous seasons are streaming exclusively on Apple TV+.

How many episodes will there be?

An exact count is unconfirmed but season 4 will likely have 6 episodes like the first 3 seasons.

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