20 Sites Like Movie Tube to Watch Movies in 2022: Best Alternatives

Are you a movie maniac? If yes, then this article can stand out to be one of the most essential and satisfying ones for you. Do not stay bound only within the online streaming channels because you can quench your movie thirst from various other platforms. Here I am providing you with an exhaustive list of sites like Movie Tube.

Many of you must have indeed opted for Movie Tube to enjoy online streaming of movies. If you are listening to it for the first time, we are here to guide you with the details of Movie Tube. We shall predominantly discuss the reasons why you need alternatives for sites like Movie Tube.

What is Movie Tube?


Movie Tube is a website that provides you with all the legal streaming movies and shows. You can find the greatest and latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, web series, documentaries as well as music videos.

From independent releases to award-winning hits, from comedy to thriller, Movie Tube serves you precisely what you long for. You can watch through Movie Tube on any device and keep you updated with the newly released shows and episodes.

Why do you need alternatives for Movie Tube?

Is Movie Tube replacement necessary? Movie Tube gained massive fame in a brief period. It attracted a considerable number of viewers, especially e lovers. It is considered the best movie-serving website in the world even today. The primary reason for its immense popularity was the availability of the latest movies.

But the downfall of this website was very sudden. The chief cause was that Movie Tube hinders some threats as it is not a legal platform. Despite receiving a large number of browsers daily, the authority declared it to be an illegal website. Thus, it is always essential for the viewers to have alternate options for sites like Movie Tube.

Best alternatives for sites like Movie Tube

1. Movie Box

Movie Box is one of the most famous apps widely used by Apple users as it is only applicable for IOS users. This app will invariably furnish you a quality time and thrilling entertainment.

You can enjoy all the episodes of your favorite shows through this app. You can also watch all the top-rated latest movies with the help of Movie Box.


  • In Movie Box, the movies are organized in a very professional way. It will make sure that the complete collection of your films are kept serially.
  • Moreover, it is very convenient and easy to use as well.
  • Movie Box also provides you the option of making a different list for the movies you have already watched.
  • It allows you to watch high-definition artwork and movie images.
  • You will receive the genuine rating of all the movies along with the movie trailers.


  • A robust internet connection is essential for running Movie Box smoothly.
  • Furthermore, App keeps on interrupting your entertainment session by conducting a crackdown on some possible copyrights violators. As a result, the disabled time is rendered.

2. Movie4u

Are you tired of the constant streaming of ads while watching a show or movie? Then, you are now one step away from opting for Movie4u. This website is one of the most appreciated alternatives for sites like Movie Box.

Moreover, you can have unlimited entertainment and that too for free. It contains an extensive library of movies that includes recent blockbusters as well as retro films. Though it is a free website, it is legal as all the content comes from external sources, and downloading is not needed.


  • It permits you to share your desired movies and shows on your social media account.
  • You can also interact with the other viewers.
  • It has gained popularity because of its fast-loading performance.
  • It is free of malicious content, provides HD quality videos, and contains thousands of top titles.
  • Movies4u was proven to be the search engine that offers top suggestions instantly.


  • Signing up for this website is tricky as it is not easy to find the registration page.
  • It makes the selection of titles comprehensive, but it is still smaller than some of its competitors.
  • Sometimes, some images are not loaded correctly.

3. CinemaBox

Undoubtedly, CinemaBox is one of the best alternatives for sites like Movie Tube. It provides access to a large number of TV shows and movies and that also at free of cost. Furthermore, after going through the recent updates, this app also showcases the latest music videos.

Its streaming quality is exceptionally fabulous. It also adjusts the rate of the content according to the speed of your internet. This ensures that you don’t need to stop the video in the middle due to a lack of internet access.


  • CinemaBox supports subtitles for the movies and shows.
  • It also provides you the facility to download the film so that you can watch them later.
  • It is a cross-platform app and has a separate kids’ mood section.


  • This app contains a lot of ads which is irritating.
  • The update of the contents is extremely slow.

4. Showbox (for android users)

Showbox is a favorite app and alternative for sites like Movie Tube. that lets you watch movies and shows online only if you are an android user. It allows you with the download option so that you can watch the movies offline too.

Despite having some advantages, it possesses lots of disadvantages that you shall not like to go through. Moreover, it is an illegal platform, and you need to be cautious if you choose to use it.


  • Showbox lets you watch online movies.
  • Its availability is the chief cause for its popularity.


  • You will not find Showbox on the google play store, which means you need a third-party application for its installation. As a result, your device might get exposed to viruses.
  • Moreover, there are also some technical difficulties and risks you might face after installing this app.
  • It does not filter the content before showcasing them to you and thus, can present to you any content you search.

5. Playbox HD(for android/IOS users)

Playbox is another app that can be used both by apple and android users. It is full of HD content and is highly appreciated by viewers. This app is entirely free of cost.

If you are installing Playbox HD, you need not worry about the quality of the content. This app never streams on the tent of low quality and perhaps is on fame. It also uses easy interference along with high-quality videos.


  • Playbox HD has a massive library of shows and movies.
  • It also supports Chromecast.
  • Moreover, you can only find movie links and top-quality sources in this app.


  • Broken links and bugs are why this app is sometimes not liked by the viewers.
  • It also doesn’t synchronize properly over devices.

6. Netflix

The rise of Netflix in recent years has been unbelievably awestruck. It is inevitably one of the best sites that alternate to Movie Tube. Starting from movies to web series, be it any language, Netflix is in high demand.


  • It contains a large number of original content and is highly entertaining.
  • For streaming services, it is considered to be the gold service.


  • Netflix can put pressure on your wallet and here is your brother? As streaming requires subscriptions.
  • Additionally, in short, the famous content is visually shifting from this app towards other streaming services.

7. Disney+

Disney+ is one of the trending apps and is one of the best alternatives for sites like Movie Tube that allow you to watch unlimited and latest varieties of web series and movies. It also provides the latest episodes of Tv shows. Disney+ comes with a premium section as well that genuinely serves some of the best content.

It is a powerful brand and had over more than 10 million subscribers on the very initial day. It also showcases the online streaming of numerous live sports.


  • The primary advantage of this app is that it also focuses on key originals and does not contain many ads.
  • It does not contain any malicious content.


  • Disney+ requires subscriptions for most of the shows and is also not available in all countries worldwide.
  • They aim at showing family and child-related dramas and plays.
  • Thus you can never find horror films or any adult drama shows in Disney+.

8. Amazon Prime Video

It is another crucial app that influences Movie Tube replacement. It is trendy for serving some of the best web series and top-quality movies. TV shows are also available with their latest episodes.


  • You can get some other benefits on applying for the subscription in Amazon Prime Video.


  • It is not free and requires a subscription.
  • Most of the contents demand some extra purchase.

9. Vudu Player

Vudu Player also contributed to the replacement of Movie Tube. This app has access to various devices and has a massive selection of movies.


  • You should pay only for the content you desire to watch. It is a straightforward and easy-to-handle app.


  • Though you have the freedom to pay only for the content you watch, this can also be quite expensive.
  • Moreover, this app is not available anywhere outside the USA.

10. Hulu

Hulu is another essential alternative. Viewers highly love it because of its regular updates. You can get the latest movies, shows, and videos through this app. But Hulu is not at all a free app and demands $5.99 per month.

Users can also get access to live TV as well as Hulu originals. This app can be run from almost all devices and can even record shows for you.


  • It is an official service for streaming videos and provides high-quality content.
  • It also allows you to download the videos so that you can watch them offline.


  • The monthly fee needed to run this app is quite costly for some users.
  • Since it is a paid streaming service, it is not recommended by most.

11. XMovies8

XMovies8 does not require signing up and is free of cost. They contain only a movie database on their site. It also allows the viewers to download the movies so that they can watch them later offline.


  • It attracts the viewers mainly because of its clean interference.
  • The database of this app is vibrant.
  • The quality of the movies is exceptionally unique, along with their tags and ratings.


  • It contains a lot of ad problems that can be tremendously irritating at times.

12. IMDB Movies and TV

IMDB Movies and TV is a good alternative for sites like Movie Tube. This brand was chiefly purchased by the founder of Amazon, which gained it a good population of viewers. You need to sign up, and you are ready to enjoy the free online streaming.


  • This app comes free of cost.
  • It includes the best award-winning movies and shows.
  • The ads shown are pretty tolerable.


  • The availability of all types of movies and shows is comparatively less in number.
  • There are no Roku channels, and the library of original content is less in number.

13. Gostream

Gostream is a very crucial alternative for movie sites like Movie Tube. This site features the most recent and updated movies for you, too, with ratings and reviews. It is a free site for online videos, and you can start searching for the shows you want to and start watching immediately.


  • The movies in Gostream load fast.
  • Moreover, you don’t need to sign up with an account to enjoy this free streaming.
  • The ads are not that disturbing and are pretty less in number.


  • It is not at all easy for you to find any movie released in a specific year that you desire to watch.
  • The movie quality also needs a check as it is pretty poor.

14. Crackle

It contains a high-quality resolution and is a good alternative for sites like Movie Tube. Crackle provides a free entertainment network for everyone. It is a unique app because it has been developed and owned by the Sony brand itself.

VPN or anything else is not required to make it stream. It is a simple app that can be tracked easily on the play store.


  • Crackle saves the movies for your future use and also supports subtitles.
  • It is an official streaming service.
  • Thus, there are no risks related to this app, and it also provides high-quality content.


  • Not all the contents are readily available through this app and have limited scope running.
  • It requires monthly updates, which can be a bit hectic.

15. Tubi

Tubi TV is an American-based site and provides online streaming of movies and other content. It also features some original and live content.


  • You do not require any money to watch content through this app.
  • It includes the best content from major film studios.
  • It also encompasses intuitive apps and web streaming options.


  • The library of the content is a bit dated.
  • You cannot skip the commercial breaks that are shown in between the ongoing streaming.
  • No original content is available in Tubi.

16. Viewster

From the time this app was founded until today, it provides different genres of TV shows and movies. There is no need for any registration, and it allows everyone to watch shows online without any restriction.


  • Viewster is completely legal despite being free of cost. It has access to a wide range of devices.


  • It contains comparatively more ads that constantly keep on interrupting your entertainment.

17. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a top-chart Movie Tube replacement for all types of users. The design of this app is user-centric, simple, and includes a list of endless movie categories.

The best version of your favorite show will be presented to you by this app. This app has no rivals, and it allows you to stream any content on any device for free.


  • This app supports more than one operating system and can connect to any smart TV.
  • It also provides doubling and subtitles along with the streaming of top-quality torrents.


  • Bugs and occasional crashes are some of the disadvantages you might face while running this app.

18. Sky Q

It is one of the very famous sites that alternate to Movie Tube. Sky Q is chiefly operated by Sky, which is a British-based satellite channel. It lets you watch the online streaming of TV shows and movies. Moreover, it does not require a satellite dish.


  • It can connect to other devices easily and is flexible enough.
  • It includes some of the advanced technologies and exaggerated content.
  • Sky Q can also record channels and provides an improved interference.
  • Touch remotes can also control this site.


  • It is pretty expensive and also requires some additional charges for some of the contents.
  • Sky Q also experiences few compatibility issues and connection problems at times.

19. Putlocker9

Somehow or the other, Putlocker is genuinely considered as the god site for sites like Movie Tube. Though a cloned site, it is beneficial and provides a good service. It is an excellent option for watching online shows, dramas, and movies. It is available for every kind of user but is most popular among teenagers.


  • It is free of cost.
  • Errors don’t frequently occur while streaming any old content.
  • The availability percentage is high, and it also provides links for different content.


  • Primarily, it is an illegal site at many places and thus is not safe for users.
  • It also contains some auto-click links.
  • Furthermore, it is a pirated show site that showcases the premium contents free of cost.

20. HBO Max

It can genuinely act as a suitable Movie Tube replacement. It contains a large amount of content and allows you to watch TV shows and movies through any device you wish to. The subscription can cost your wallet a bit.


  • It is free of ads and does not let your entertainment get interrupted.
  • The HBO users get a facility of getting the subscription of HBO Max that too free of cost.


  • Free trial is not at all available for this app.
  • It is a crucial barrier for the viewers and subscribers.
  • It fails to serve you any news or content related to sports.
  • Moreover, it is not available in all the regions.

Now that you are aware of the sites like Movie Tube and alternatives of Movie Tube, and also their pros and cons, you know where to head on to once you’re done with Movie Tube.

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