Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date: Yes it is …

Are you waiting for Mountain Monsters Season 9 and want to know when it will release on travel channel or streaming site Max. Since 2013, the show “Mountain Monsters” is entertaining us with its exciting episodes every time they come. Mountain Monsters is based on hunters and trappers known as the “Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings” (AIMS) team.

They chase after legendary creatures in the Appalachian Mountains. Whenever the season 9 will release, we will see more exciting adventures, action, suspense, and scary moments like the previous series.

Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date

No official announcement has been done regarding the Mountain Monsters Season 9 but redditors discussing it a lot on the sub-reddits time to time. No information is posted on the official handle of twitter or instagram or travel channel official site. Even a cast member has not spoken a single word on season 9 and thats the reason fans are going crazy for the Mountain Monsters Season 9.

All About Mountain Monsters Series

The AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team is a group of cryptozoological researchers and hunters stars John “Trapper” Tice, Jeff Headlee, and Willy McQuillian, the self-styled team aims to capture evidence of the existence of legendary creatures like Bigfoot, Hellhounds, Werewolves, Mothman, and Lizard Men in the Appalachian Mountains.

What is generally included in the investigations are : meeting with eyewitnesses, conducting nighttime hunts to find clues, building complex traps, and using cameras in hopes of photographing the monsters.

Though often able to capture fleeting images, they have yet to provide conclusive documentation. The later seasons introduced conflicts with a rival “Rogue Team” sabotaging their efforts, but the crew persists in hunting in these monster-filled mountains.

After the tragic death of founding leader Trapper, the remaining AIMS members—including fan-favorites Huckleberry, Buck, Wild Bill and team researcher Trapper—continue their quest to prove, trap and protect others from these mysterious creatures that locals claim lurk in the Appalachians.

is the show depicts real events or is scripted ?

Many viewers question whether the show depicts real events or entirely scripted. Despite claiming to hunt the monsters, the team has produced little clear scientific evidence over the years. Blurry photographic and video footage of creatures is questionable and may be fabricated via special effects. Outlandish moments, like Huckleberry being hypnotized by the Mothman, also suggest heavy dramatization rather than factual documenting of monster hunting.

While skeptics criticize such scripting, the show still has many fans who enjoy the lore and mystery even if events are staged. The team’s backstories and personalities seem to resonate even more than actual monster evidence for some viewers.

Mountain Monsters Rating

People love to watch this series but i am surprised when i checked its rating on IMDb that is 5.2/10 which is not according to the love the series recieves.

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Important details on Mountain Monsters TV Series

Show NameMountain Monsters
GenreReality TV, Cryptozoology
Original ChannelDestination America
First Series2013 – Present
Seasons till date8 seasons (as of 2022)
Episodes93 total (as of 2022)
Main CastJohn “Trapper” Tice (Founder), Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillian, William “Wild Bill” Neff, Jacob “Buck” Lowe, Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott
PremiseA team called AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) searches the Appalachian mountains for evidence of mysterious creatures like Bigfoot, Hellhounds, and Mothman
LocationsVarious sites in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia and surrounding states.
MethodsEyewitness accounts, night hunts, camera traps, traps/cages to contain creatures
ConflictsRival “Rogue Team” sabotaging efforts, dangerous encounters
Current StatusOngoing as of 2023; Trapper died but team continues mission


When will Mountain Monsters Season 9 be released?

There has been no official announcement about a release date for Season 9 yet. Fans are speculating about it on discussion forums, but there is no definite information even from the show’s social media or Travel Channel.

Will Season 9 continue after founding cast member Trapper’s death?

Yes, if Season 9 is produced, the remaining AIMS team members plan to continue the mission of proving the existence of and protecting people from legendary mountain creatures.

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