Is Reelz available on Youtube TV ? 2024 Status

Reelz ( previously called Reelz Channel ) launched in year 2006 is a popular cable network owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. Reelz mainly focus on celebrity news and reality stories. But with more people cutting the cord, there’s confusion around streaming access to Reelz. At present, Reelz is not available on YouTube TV. But you can stream Reelz through services like Philo, Sling TV, and DIRECTV Stream.

Reelz is fully distributed on DirecTV, Dish, Sling TV, Philo, DirecTV Stream, and some cable services either as part of a package or add-on.You won’t get live Reelz shows like On Patrol: Live through the Reelz apps on Amazon, Roku or free streaming services. Only you can watch previously aired episodes.

To use Reelz Now app, Reelz must already be part of your paid cable/streaming package.

Later in this post I’ll also cover some of Reelz most popular shows right now like On Patrol: Live, Autopsy, and many more.

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Is Reelz available on Youtube TV

Is Reelz available on YouTube TV?

At present Reelz is not available on YouTube TV.So, there is no way to access or stream the Reelz channel directly through YouTube TV. This means cord-cutters need to look at alternate live TV streaming services if they want to watch Reelz online.

Other Services to Stream Reelz

When it comes to streaming the Reelz channel, you’ve got several options depending on which service you use. DirecTV Stream and DISH both include Reelz in all of their major channel package options, starting at $69.99 a month for DirecTV and $69.99 a month for DISH’s America’s Top 120 plan. Sling TV grants access to Reelz only if you add their Hollywood Extra package for an additional $6 a month on top of the base $35 per month Sling subscription. Philo manages to offer Reelz as part of its lowest cost $25 monthly plan.

If you want to stream Reelz in 2024, here are some alternative live TV streaming services that provide access:


This budget-friendly streaming provider includes Reelz in its channel lineup. Plans start at just $25/month. Good supplemental option for Reelz fans.

Sling TV

Reelz is included in Sling’s “Hollywood Extra” add-on pack for $6/month extra on top of a Sling subscription.


Get Reelz through DIRECTV STREAM’s Entertainment package for $69.99/month. Lots of channels for the price.

Table on various plans

Plan options for DirecTV Stream, Dish, Sling TV and Philo :

Streaming ServicePlan NamePricingReelz Channel Included
DirecTV StreamEntertainment Package$69.99/moYes
Choice Package$89.99/moYes
Ultimate Package$104.99/moYes
DishAmerica’s Top 120$64.99/moYes
America’s Top 120 Plus$79.99/moYes
America’s Top 200$89.99/moYes
Sling TVSling Orange$35/moNo (Available as add-on Hollywood Extra for $6/month)
Sling Blue$35/moNo (Available as add-on Hollywood Extra for $6/month)
Orange + Blue$50/moNo (Available as add-on Hollywood Extra for $6/month)
Hollywood Extra Add-on (Add-on)$6/moYes
PhiloSingle Base Package$25/moYes
Peacock TVPremium$5.99/month + taxYes
Premium Plus$11.99/month + taxYes

So while YouTube TV dont have access to Reelz, you still have plenty of ways to access this network through major streaming providers. Sling TV and Peacock TV are the most affordable options to add Reelz on top of another core service like Netflix or Hulu. For the biggest channel selection, DIRECTV is a top choice.

Top Reelz Shows Now

Reelz focuses on true crime docu-series and celebrity rumors. Here are some of their most popular current shows that fans can enjoy through streaming:

On Patrol: Live – Ride along in real-time with police officers as they respond to emergencies and bust criminals. Intense live action!

Autopsy: The Last Hours of… – Examines the final days and death details of prominent celebrities and public figures.

Gangsters: America’s Most Evil – Profiles deadly organized crime figures through dramatic reenactments and expert interviews. Learn the backstories of Al Capone, John Gotti, and other infamous gangsters.

Behind Closed Doors – Documentary series unlocking closely-guarded secrets of the rich and famous. Get the inside scoop on celebrity controversies and scandals.

Murder Made Me Famous: This series delves into the stories of infamous criminals and how their actions led them to notoriety.

Conclusion –

Reelz offers a unique mix of highly-watchable celebrity and crime programming. You should not disappoint that YouTube TV not have rights to broadcast reelz as other streaming providers like Sling TV, Philo, and DIRECTV STREAM include Reelz in their channel packages.

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