Is Grounded crossplay? Is it cross platform with PS5 and Xbox?

Grounded like its name is a unique survival action-adventure game that has garnered much attention and praise since its early access release in July 2020. Developed by the talented team at Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. After two years of testing, Obsidian Entertainment released the full version of Grounded on September 27, 2022. In Grounded, players are shrunk down to the size of an ant and must survive and explore the micro world of a backyard with familiar sights like insects and plants transformed into alien obstacles and monsters. Due to its innovative concept,Grounded provides an superb enjoyable experience that both casual and hardcore gamers can appreciate.

Now that it’s out, many players are curious, “Is Grounded crossplay?” Does it involve playing and progressing across both Xbox and PC?

No need to search anywhere else– we’ll provide all the info you need in this article whether Grounded supports crossplay and cross-progression, along with details about the game’s multiplayer setup.

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Is Grounded crossplay?

Yes, Grounded does have crossplay! You can play with your friends on Xbox and PC, whether you’re using the Microsoft Store or Steam. Everyone in your group needs an Xbox Live account, which is free and easy to set up. Just add your friends’ Xbox Live accounts to your Friends List, and you’re ready to invite them to play together.

In Grounded, you can team up with up to four players on both Standard Worlds and Shared Worlds. Standard Worlds are hosted by one player, and they’re available only when that player is online. Shared Worlds, on the other hand, are stored in the cloud, allowing others to join multiplayer sessions even if the original host isn’t online. All the progress you make in the game is saved, no matter who hosts the sessions in the future.

If you want, you can turn Standard Worlds into Shared Worlds and save a Shared World as a local Standard World to play offline. Each player can have up to three Shared Worlds and share up to 50 of them.

Does Grounded support cross-platform progress between Xbox and PC?

Yes! Grounded supports cross-progression, meaning you can move your game worlds and progress seamlessly between Xbox and PC. This magic feature allows you to play on either platform without losing access to your saved files and Shared Worlds.

To make cross-progression work, make sure to use the same Xbox Live account on both your Xbox and PC versions of the game. If you use different accounts, the cross-progression won’t function correctly because you’d be signed into separate Xbox accounts on each platform. So, keep it simple and use the same Xbox Live account to enjoy the benefits of cross-progression in Grounded!

Grounded is exclusive to Xbox; and not available on PS4/PS5.

Unfortunately, you can’t play Grounded on PS4 or PS5. Grounded has been exclusive to Xbox since its early access launch in July 2020. This exclusivity is because Obsidian Entertainment, the game’s developer, was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, and the game is published by Xbox Game Studios. Due to these first-party development reasons, Grounded won’t be available on PS4 or PS5.

Grounded Gameplay: What is Grounded about?

Grounded is a survival game where you can play as if you’re really small, either looking through the character’s eyes or from behind them. In the game, your character gets super tiny, like an ant, and has to survive in a backyard. You can choose to be Max, Willow, Pete, or Hoops.

To stay healthy in the game, your character (Max, Willow, Pete, or Hoops) has to eat enough food and drink water. If they don’t, they’ll lose health because of hunger or thirst. The backyard is full of bugs like spiders, bees, dust mites, and ladybugs. These bugs can either be friends or foes.

Different bugs have different jobs in the game. Spiders are like the big bosses, trying to catch you, while ladybugs help you find food. You can even cook and eat aphids for a tasty treat. If you cut down grass, you can collect dewdrops for survival. There’s also a special option for players who are scared of spiders, so you can decide how scary they’ll be in the game.

As you keep playing, you’ll explore new areas in the backyard. The game gets harder, and scarier enemies show up. You’ll need to gather things from the world to build a safe place, especially because some bugs get meaner at night. You can use these resources to make tools like axes, spears, and bows with arrows to fight against enemies. Just be careful, as your character can get tired in a fight.

You can play the game alone or team up with three friends in multiplayer mode. It’s an exciting adventure where you need to survive, explore, and build to conquer the challenges that come your way.

Grounded TV Series:

In July 2022, it was revealed the news about making a cartoon version of Grounded. Brent Friedman is working on bringing the game to life in an animated series.

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