How to see how many hours played on PS4

After marathon gaming sessions, have you ever wondered just how many hours of your life you’ve sunk into your PlayStation 4? As gamers, it’s easy to lose track of time while immersed ourselves in favorite games. But being able to see concrete gameplay stats can provide a reality check.

I was shocked to see the logged time of 1,044 hours in epic RPGs on his PS4. It made me realize just how much time i was dedicating solely to gaming.

Unfortunately, unlike mobile games that actively track playtime, the PS4 doesn’t readily reveal your overall usage. The console lacks a built-in profile or report to satisfy your curiosity about total time played across games. While trophies and friend counts are visible in profiles, gameplay hours remain hidden.

But with a few tricks using Sony’s online tools or external services, you can see how many hours played on ps4.

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How to see how many hours played on PS4

How to see how many hours played on PS4

First method – Via Sony Website with child account

Sony does track your gameplay data in the background. To access it, you need to use Sony’s online tools through a web browser, not on the console directly.

You can view gameplay hours by setting up parental controls and family accounts on Sony’s website, even without kids. Add a child account linked to your PS4. Then in Family Management settings online, you can see playtime.

  • Visit Sony Entertainment Network Site and sign in with your email and password.
  • Go to Family Management settings under PlayStation Network.
  • Create a new child account.
  • Now onwards you can see the linked account with total hours spent beneath each username.

Parents can check the Family Management settings for precise playtime data on their child’s PS4 gaming.So parents can get a detailed look at their kid’s overall PS4 gaming habits using this official Sony tool.

This displays total hours and daily averages but doesn’t specify titles. You only see cumulative usage, not game-by-game stats. The information is limited without console access.

Second method via PSN newsletter

Sony’s monthly PSN newsletter provides playtime estimates. But these lack detail and require subscribing to promotional emails.

Use Third Party Tracking Sites like PS-Timetracker

Sites like importing your PSN data to view detailed PS4 gameplay stats and comparisons. Just add the bot as a friend on PSN to see your stats in detail.You should be online as time cannot be tracked while you’re playing offline. Second, it also tracks suspended games, for example while you’re watching Netflix/Prime and a game runs in the background then it will track that time also so close the game. Put your PS in Rest Mode to stop tracking.

It is a private project and free to use but you can donate if you want to support ths project.


Some games themselves record playtime if the developer included the feature. Check each game’s stats individually to see if it tracks your gameplay hours.

While not as convenient as an onboard tracker, these methods do provide ways to estimate your PS4 usage. You just have to use Sony’s online tools or external services rather than an integrated system for gameplay data.

Sony could make playtime more visible in the future since PS5 profiles now display game progress. But for now, PS4 owners need to go the extra mile if they want their total usage numbers.

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