How To Make Undertale Fullscreen on Windows And Mac

Undertale is one of the excellent options for an enjoyable game that you would want to go with. In fact, Undertale is one of the amazing games that you can download from Steam and play it comfortably on your Windows and Mac devices. But, playing the game Fullscreen on your device can be quite troublesome. So, if you are wondering how to make Undertale Fullscreen on Windows or Mac, several steps can prove to be quite handy enough.

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Undertale is a wonderful game. The critically acclaimed indie RPG game has been quite popular, and you would find it a great experience to play it in a full-screen mode. But there are not many guides available on how to make Undertale fullscreen on Mac or on Windows. So that is exactly why we thought of helping you out in understanding how to make Undertale bigger.

How to make Undertale Fullscreen on MacBook and Windows?

In fact, there are four basic ways that you can get Undertale fullscreen. The methods here apply to both Windows and Mac. Of course, one or two of these methods may not work for you. In such a scenario, you can check the other options outlined here and find which of the work for you.

  • Press the F4 button – The F4 button has been regarded as one of the excellent options to assist you in how to make Undertale bigger for a better experience on your screen.
  • Press the FN and F4 buttons at the same time – there may be cases wherein your keyboard may have a function key that may work only with an FN key. Using the combination can help you get your Undertale full screen.
  • Press the ALT and ENTER buttons simultaneously – This is yet another method that can get the task done and help you make full-screen Undertale on Windows 10. This function works not only on Undertale but on all the programs.
  • Press the CTRL + F4 buttons at the same time – since the Mac devices do not have an option for the ALT key, using the CTRL and F4 combination can be one of the best options that can prove to be handy.

Any of those four shortcuts should help you work with your Undertale game and enables you to play it on Fullscreen.

How to make full-screen Undertale on Windows 10?

If you are on Windows 10, it may not be that easy and simple to opt for the easier fix on how to make Undertale fullscreen on Windows. That is because pressing the F4 key will not ideally take you to the full-screen mode on Windows 10. Instead, you will be taken to the Project screen.

On your Windows 10, the right and best option that would work comfortably would be to use the key combination of ALT and ENTER. Pres those two keys together to take you to the full screen.

How to make Undertale fullscreen on Mac?

The broader information and tutorial on making Undertale fullscreen on Mac has been offered in the above discussion. So let us check out the best options for providing you access to an enhanced performance ever. The steps here should be helpful in how to get access to one of the excellent options.

Method 1 –

If you are on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you can locate the option for the fullscreen button on your mac. Simply press this key, and you will get into the fullscreen right away. However, if the MacBook you own does not have a Fullscreen button, the best option would be to check other methods that can prove useful.

Method 2 –

Click on the F4 key to go into fullscreen. You may also use the options for the key combinations such as function key and F4. You should ideally find the key on the top row of your keyboard.

Method 3 –

You may also click the combination of CTRL and ENTER. Unfortunately, Mac computers do not have the ALT key, which is why you need to use the CTRL key instead.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, playing the game Undertale is one of the excellent options that can prove to be one of the excellent options ever to almost every extent. But, of course, playing it on full screen may be a little difficult to go with.

However, the steps and tutorials outlined in the above discussion should ideally help provide you access to one of the high-end options. So, check out the steps and methods outlined in the above discussion and find a way to make Undertale fullscreen.

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