How To Speed Up Pictures on TikTok: How To Make TikTok Photo Slideshow Faster?

TikTok slideshows are a guaranteed source of entertainment and fun among family and friends. These are a warehouse of creativity and enjoyment and are mostly used for personal recreation. Such video presentations are brief, lasting only seconds to minutes, so the play speed is barely noticeable. Nevertheless, there may be a few instances where the question of how to speed up pictures on TikTok arises. That’s because increasing a TikTok slideshow’s play speed may sometimes appear necessary. Stay tuned for additional knowledge on how to make TikTok photo slideshow faster!

How to speed up pictures on TikTok: how to make TikTok photo slideshow faster

How to Change the Play Duration of a TikTok Slideshow?

While we’re on the subject, consider the following solutions for modifying the play duration of TikTok slideshows:

  • Step 1: Start the application.

Launch the TikTok application on your preferred device to begin the duration adjustment process.

  • Step 2: Launch a Slideshow.

Open a preferred slideshow presentation that you want to change the duration of in the application’s main interface.

  • Step 3: Configure the Play Duration

Navigate to the app’s top right corner and select the ‘Adjust Clips’ icon. On the screen, a duration slider with your selected slideshow appears. Drag the time bars to the left and right sides to set the presentation’s start and end times.

  • Step 4: Save Your Changes

When you’ve finished setting the play duration, go to the top right corner of the app screen and press the ‘Save’ button to confirm and apply the changes to the TikTok slideshow.

How to speed up pictures on TikTok? How do you watch TikTok at 3x speed?

Creating and watching TikTok slideshows is a combination of craft and entertainment. As previously stated, such slideshows are small enough to avoid time constraints; however, you may frequently require a speed modification. Regarding speed adjustments, the most common advantage is that the slideshow run time is reduced.

Moving on with our discussion, let us go through the steps of watching a TikTok slideshow at 3x speed while addressing the issue of how to speed up a TikTok photo slideshow in the following section of this article:

How to make TikTok photo slideshow faster to 3x Speed – Steps explained

  • Step 1: Open the TikTok App.

Launch the TikTok application on any of your preferred macOS, Windows, or Android devices as the first step in increasing the slideshow speed.

  • Step 2: Construct a Slideshow

To create a slideshow video or post, navigate to and tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s welcome screen.

  • Step 3: Change the Play Speed

You must now navigate to the top right corner of the interface and select the ‘Speed’ option. The ‘Speed Bar’ will appear over the ‘Record’ button, displaying speed modification options. Select the speed at which you want to view the slideshow. To address the specific concern of 3x speed, select the appropriate option.

Best Ways to speed up pictures on TikTok

As previously stated, speeding up videos and images within the TikTok application is critical to ensuring that all required media content fits in the 180-second long post on the platform. Following that, let us take a look at some of the best and most popular methods for resolving the issue of how to speed up a slideshow on TikTok in what follows:

TikTok Motion Effects for Recording Fast Motion Videos

Step 1: Start the TikTok Camera.

To begin answering the question of how to speed up a TikTok slideshow, open the TikTok app on any of your preferred devices. When the app’s main interface greets you, scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘+’ icon. This will immediately launch the application’s camera.

Step 2: Decide on a Motion Effect

The TikTok camera appears, bringing the ‘Motion Effects’ window into view. You can choose one of the five functional speed modification effects. If you want to increase the video speed, use any of the 2x or 3x effects to record a video in fast-forward mode.

If the aforementioned motion effects do not appear on your app screen, go to the ‘Options’ menu at the head left corner and tap on the ‘Speed’ icon.

Step 3: Make a video

Press the red ‘Record’ switch to record a TikTok video in fast-forward mode. You can also utilize the application to make multiple speed recordings of a single video clip. You must click the ‘Stop’ button, make the desired recording speed adjustment, and finally resume the video recording process.

Step 4: Edit the Recorded Video

When you’re done recording the high-speed video, click ‘OK’ to open TikTok’s editing interface. Continue customizing the recorded video using the app’s preset editing effects and filters. When you are satisfied with your work, proceed to post it to your TikTok account.

Importance of Speeding up pictures on TikTok

It is common knowledge that TikTok slideshows have a maximum play time of 3 minutes. This becomes an issue when you have a series of images to include in the slideshow. There is a considerable time lag between the transitions of any two consecutive images. This time lag may prevent images from being uploaded to the slideshow before the allotted 3-minute run time expires.

To avoid the disappointment of an incomplete presentation, you can easily choose to speed up the slideshow images so that all of the photos are included in the slideshow.

FAQs on how to make TikTok photo slideshow faster

How do you delay the speed of TikTok slideshows?

Begin by making a new post by swabbing the ‘+’ icon at the footer of the app’s launch screen. To delay the speed of a TikTok slideshow, tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the app’s launch screen. At the screen footing, the ‘Recording Speed Options’ appear, from which you can select the 0.3x and 0.5x playback rates. Continue by pressing the ‘Record’ button to create a new video with a slower play speed.

How do you change the duration of TikTok images?

To change the screen time of a TikTok picture, first, navigate to the desired image and tap on the ‘Time’ icon. An adjustment slider appears, which you can drag from left to right to increase or decrease the image playback.

How can you increase the speed of a TikTok video?

To address how to speed up pictures on the TikTok slideshow, go to the app’s right side and tap the ‘Speed’ icon. You can select to fast forward the video up to three times the original playback speed from the list of options that appears. Select the appropriate speed option and record the video at high speed by pressing the red ‘Record’ button.

How can I speed up a specific section of a TikTok video?

Begin by selecting the desired TikTok Video from the app’s timeline, then move to the right side of the launch screen and tap the ‘Speed’ icon. Select 2X, 4X, 8X, 20X, or 50X playback rate options to fast-forward the video section from the next speed options. To increase the clip’s running speed, navigate to the ‘Speed Properties’ window, click the ‘Speed’ switch, and push the speed slider to the right side.


In today’s world, making TikTok videos and slideshow presentations for fun and entertainment has become an evergreen social media trend. Because of the short duration of TikTok slideshows, the question of how to speed up pictures on TikTok by including all of the content within the presentation arises. We hope we answered your query properly.

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