How to Highlight Text on iPhone?

iPhones aren’t just cool for their looks, but there are so many fun features you can discover in them when you start using them. iPhones, which are compatible with iOS 14 and 15 updates right now, have some of the most amazing features. iPhone animations, notifications, and even the user interface, users can observe quite many changes in the new iOS. Moreover, the Safari App looks and works differently, and many other features came along with it.

Using an iPhone needs to be enjoyed to the fullest because even though it isn’t as colourful and filled with animations as an Android phone, other exciting features are worth exploring in an iPhone. One of the areas of exciting features is the iPhone text tricks which is the coolest feature in your iMessages. Like the iPhone has its messenger, the iMessage, there are exciting ways to send text messages, making chatting fun.

In this article, we will be looking at ways to use different ways of how to highlight text on the iPhone and some tips and tricks about how to use your new iPhone to the fullest.

Texting Tips and Tricks: How to Highlight Text on iPhone

When writing a long text or an important mail, you want to make sure what you have typed is accurate enough to send. So you would want to know how to highlight text on iPhone. If not, editing the whole thing from the middle of the text might seem a struggle, whereas, on an iPhone, it is not. There are easier ways to edit, cut, copy, paste and rephrase your sentences. Here are some of the ways you can quickly edit your text:

  • Double-tap on the word you want to edit and the word will get highlighted.
  • Triple tap so that the entire paragraph gets highlighted.
How to Highlight text on iPhone
  • If you want to move your cursor to a particular place and to tap on the right spot is difficult, hold your spacebar, and you can move the cursor anywhere like a MacBook touchpad.
  • When you double-tap or triple-tap, you are prompted with suggestions like a copy, paste, cut, lookup, translate and share. These options allow you to make easier changes to your texts. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can just double-tap on it; once it is highlighted, tap on the LookUp option, and you will get the meaning and definition of the word.
  • Editing by magnifying your text. Long press on the word, and you will see it enlarged to your screen. You can now easily drag the cursor to the place you want to edit.

How To Change Text Colour On iPhone

For a while, iPhone did not have one feature, and that is the text colours which is easily available in all Android phones, but if you are wondering how to change text colour on iPhone, it is possible to change your text colours and the text bubble in a very simple process.

How to Highlight text on iPhone
  • Open your settings app and tap on Accessibility.
  • Once you are in Accessibility, then tap on Display & Text Size.
How to Highlight text on iPhone
  • Once you are in Display & Text Size, tap on Colour Filters. This will be off if you haven’t discovered it; tap on it and switch it on.
  • Inside the Colour Filters, you will find many options about changing text colours and changing colours of the text bubble as well.

You might also be wondering how to change text colour on iPhone 11 or any new version of iPhone. The steps are the same, whereas iPhone 11 has more advanced features in changing text colours than the older versions of the iPhone.

Additional Features Of An iPhone Which You Should Try

If you are a regular iMessage user, then you might have discovered this by now, or you are yet to discover it. These iPhone text tricks on iMessage have some of the coolest features when you are chatting with someone. Just type a code word, and your chat will light up with an effect.

  • Open your iMessage and type someone “Pew Pew”, and wait for the magic to happen.
  • Now type “Congratulations” or “Selamat”, which is like a party popper effect which you use to wish someone on their success.
How to Highlight text on iPhone

Here are some other effects which you can try:

  • ‘Happy birthday’ – balloons
  • ‘Happy New Year’s – fireworks
  • ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ – red explosion

Now, as you know how to highlight text on iPhone, there are other significant features that will make your user experience more exciting. iPhone users haven’t yet gone unsatisfied with the phones they have bought. Some users have bought the older models like iPhone 7, 7+, eight and 8+ and even the older iPhone 6S model. The new iOS 14 update was available till iPhone 6S, and it has worked magnificently.

Using Siri has become easier; if you are on safari, browsing through something important and want to note it down immediately, giving Siri the command to save this page in notes will do your job. You can have as many notes as possible about important information. Also, with newer models, the video shooting and editing are almost like a cinematic experience. The quality and motion of the videos are impeccable, and also, the editing process, on a MacBook or on the phone itself, is faster, and the result is mindblowing.

Summing up

Now that you know How to highlight text on iPhone, let me also tell you that some texting features might be different in iPhone 7 plus and 11, but there is enough similarity in the user experience that you can enjoy whichever budget-friendly model you purchase. iPhone users right now have the advantage of experiencing all the features due to the iOS 14 and 15 updates, and in the future, with more new updates, there will be more exciting additional features in every iPhone. However, while talking about highlighting text, and other texting features in general, one thing is sure that Apple would never disappoint you!

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