How to Authorize Your Mac/PC for iTunes?

The iTunes Store of Apple was formerly a music shop. But now it has grown to become a complete digital store that provides music, apps, books, TV series, and films. Users can simultaneously authorize and play purchased content on five computers supported by Apple at a time. Connecting these authorized computers to your Apple ID is a pretty easy process. Apple is also serious about users’ security in all fields and this commitment applies to the purchased content from iTunes. Authorization is one of the features that serve as a protective measure. Simply put this feature protects your iTunes purchase data by restricting content playback to authorized devices. So, here is how to authorize your Mac/PC for iTunes?

How to Check Authorizations in iTunes?

To determine the number of log-on attempts allowed to your account, perform these simple operations. You only have five approvals. If you are uncertain on how many devices were registered prior to the decision, Apple provides a way in which one can check. Importantly, you will not see the actual computer names themselves but a numerical identifier.

Also recall that none of the authorizations below span iPhones and iPads, so you have a little latitude there.


Step 1: Launch iTunes, select your account name from the right side of the upper menu bar or click on Sign In. If you click on ‘Sign In’ then type your Apple ID and password in the respective fields.

Step 2: Press on Account Info and enter your password again.

Step 3: Upon opening, you will find the number of allowed computers at the top on Apple ID Summary section. You can also deauthorize all computers simultaneously by clicking on the Deauthorize All option present in the bottom right corner which is handy when you do not have access to another pre-authorized computer.

How to Authorize Your Mac/PC for iTunes?

To authorize your Mac computer on iTunes or Apple Music, follow these steps:

1. Launch the iTunes or Apple Music application on your Mac machine. It depends on your version of macOS; either of these two will be found in your Applications folder.

2. Hold your mouse pointer over ‘Account’ in the top tab.

3. Select “Sign In.”

4. Once you submit these credentials, click on ‘Sign In’ rather than passing through this phase without entering data of course all attempts to do so will be in vain. If AppleID or Password is forgotten then it only requires clicking “Forgot AD and password.” The pop-up window shall appear containing menu items by which this can easily follow step 2 above from completing the login process

5. Clicking on “Account” again.

6. Position your mouse over Authorizations in the menu.

7. From the drop-down menu select “Authorize This Computer”.

If you follow these steps, then you’ll authorize it on iTunes or Apple Music. In case of any unsuccessful authorization, you can go over to the part on how to deauthorize all your computers.

How to Authorize Your Windows PC in iTunes?

To authorize your Windows PC computer on iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes on your Windows 10 PC.

2. On the menu bar at top of your iTunes window, click Account.

3. Select “Sign In.”

4. Input the correct apple id and a password in given box then click on signin.

5. Press Account again.

6. Place your mouse cursor on Authorizations in the Menu.

7. From the drop-down list, select Authorize This Computer.
Doing so, you will authenticate your Windows 10 computer for iTunes.

How to De-authorize Your Mac/PC for iTunes?

To deauthorize your Mac computer on iTunes or Apple Music, follow these steps:

1. On your Mac account, open iTunes or Apple Music application.

2. In the drop down menu bar at the top of your screen simply click on “Account”.

3. Select “Sign In.”

4. Login with Apple ID & password.

5. Press ‘Account’ again.

6. Float your mouse over “ Authorizations” in the menu.

7. From the drop down menu click ‘Deauthorize this computer.’

Steps followed earn you capability to deauthorize your Mac computer through iTunes or Apple music. This can be of help especially when one needs to regain some of the authorized shots for another computer or no longer uses and is ready to get rid off their joined Mac.

How to Deauthorize Your Windows PC in iTunes?

To deauthorize your Windows 10 computer on iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes from Windows.

2. Click top “account”.

3. Click on ‘ Sign In’ and type in your Apple ID and password.

4. Click on “Account” once again.

5. Mouse Hover Over “Authorizations” From The Menu.

6. Select Deauthorize This Computer on the dropdown menu.

If you implement these procedures, your Windows 10 computer will effectively deauthorize on iTunes. This works well, if you wish to release a slot dedicated for your other work computer that is authorize so that it can acquire favor of another authorized computer; alternatively lose an Authorized windows pc out there.

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