How To Activate Amazon Prime On Metro® by T-Mobile (Formerly Metropcs)

If you are a Metro® by T-Mobile subscriber and are looking to activate Amazon prime on your device, you may need to check out this post till the end. 

Being a subscriber of t-mobiles can give you a ton of services to avail. Being probably the largest network that offers 5G networks, too, it also offers services like complimentary subscriptions to various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime. If you are a relevant t-mobile subscriber and want to know how to activate amazon prime on Metro® by T-Mobile, check out this post for better comprehension. We hope to clear all your relevant queries too. 

What Is A Metro® by T-Mobile or Metropcs?

How To Activate Amazon Prime On Metro® by T-Mobile

MetroPCS is another name of Metro services by the T-mobile network. Metro services are basically a sort of prepaid service that offers users many perks on subscription. Previously Metro and T-mobiles were two different networks operated. Later they merged to form the largest 5G provider now. In 2018, T-mobile announced its relaunch with a merger with enticing unlimited packs that offer perks like amazon prime subscription and google one storage. With exciting features, it managed to retain 75 million users in different markets. 

How To Activate Amazon Prime on Metro® by T-Mobile?

Being a user of Metro by T-Mobiles, you are free to avail any of the lists of subscription packs offered by the company. 

However, to activate amazon prime, you may need to opt for a relevant pack. Here, you may need to choose a $60 unlimited rate plan. 

On subscribing to the relevant pack, you will receive a confirmation message and then a message with the activation link in it. 

You would need to check that link to activate your amazon prime account; if you need to know how is this done, check out the steps to answer the query How to Activate amazon prime on Metro® by T-Mobile in the following lines:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Messages app on your phone and tap on it
  • Step 2: Scroll down the list to find the message with the activation link
  • Step 3: Click on the link to get redirected to the amazon activation page
  • Step 4: You will be sent an OTP sometimes; in such cases, enter the OTP sent into the box given.
  • Step 5: Wait for the OTP to verify, and then you can see an activation confirmation message on your screen. Now your phone number’s amazon prime membership is activated. 

Once you have activated your amazon account, you can log in to any drive using the registered mobile number to see if the content is streamed. 

How Long Is The Validity Of The Activation?

The validity of the amazon prime subscription often depends upon the money you pay for the same. In the case of a $60 plan, which is for one month, you can access the content for one month. For every month, you can increase the validity for one month each time. Note that the count starts from the day you have activated. For instance, if you have activated the link after 5 days of receiving it, you can avail of services for a month from that day and not from the date of receiving the message.

What Apps Should You Have To Enjoy Prime Benefits?

Since a prime subscription gives you a set of benefits and services, you may need more than one app to relish all the benefits. To be clear, prime benefits have three different areas of services, one being e-commerce benefits, the other two being music and OTT service. You must have three different apps to avail all these privileges. These are”

Amazon App

Being the main app for shopping for various products, this app is a must for all the users who want to shop items from the site. Being a prime member, you must not only have this app but also ensure to login with your credential to avail all the prime benefits. 

Prime Video

Prime Video is the OTT service offered by Amazon. With lots of premium content like movies and series, it has turned into one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. To avail all the content and ensure a smooth interface, you may need to have a prime video app on your mobile phone. 

Prime Music

Prime Music is the music app by amazon; having this can make you access tons of songs of high quality in your hand. While other similar services can charge you a bomb, amazon gives the same complimentary to its prime subscribers. The app has handy features like casting, which lets the users connect to any speaker and television just with a cast button.  

Concluding Thoughts

We hope to clear all your queries about how to activate amazon prime on Metro® by T-Mobile. Having a relevant subscription is necessary to avail of the services. As depicted in the previous lines, you may need to have at least $60 per plan per month to avail of the services. Once you ensure the same, Follow the steps in the previous lines to activate and relish premium content. 

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