How Alex Lasarenko die? Cause Of Death and top songs

Alex Lasarenko died in 2020, but people still search for information about how he died and what the cause of his death was, as no detail is made public. His fans look on Quora, Reddit, and YouTube so that they can find any little bit of information related to Alex Lasarenko’s death, but no accurate information is available till date.

Very few people know that the cheerful four-note jingle introducing Disney Channel was composed by the late Alex Lasarenko, whose tragic passing brought his name recognition. Though the melody remains iconic, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the composer’s death is hard to believe . What events led to this shocking loss that brought a creative talent to an abrupt end? Let’s check out the journey of composer Alex Lasarenko:

Alex Lasarenko

About Alex Lasarenko

Born July 13th, 1963 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.He had a sister named Lisa. Lasarenko finished college at Ohio State University and then started his job as a composer. He didn’t share much about his parents, wife and kids.  As head of Tonal Sound productions, his complex compositions graced films like the 2000 crime drama Dinner Rush and 2001’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch, garnering widespread acclaim.

At Elias Arts studio, he took young talents like Fritz Doddy under his wing, mentoring with wisdom and empathy. To all those Lasarenko guided throughout his career, he was more than a mentor – he was a dear friend.

Alex Lasarenko Work

Alex Lasarenko, a composer, worked for many years and created tunes for movies, TV, and theater. He made music for all kinds of shows, from serious documentaries like “Cropsey” and “I Am Jane Doe” to fun movies like “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” Lasarenko’s music was in both small, independent films and big TV shows. 

He even created the famous four-note tune for the Disney Channel. Lasarenko made a lot of music that was really good and fit well with many stories. His sister Lisa said he always seemed like he was leading an orchestra with his hand.

Music Composer Alex Lasarenko death mystery?

The sudden passing of composer Alex Lasarenko in a Bloomfield, New Jersey hotel room on November 8, 2020 left many unanswered questions. While polce officials says it a suicide, the exact cause of his death remains mystery. Speculation swirls regarding enemies wanting Lasarenko silenced or an overdose ending the musician’s life. But with no statements from family, the details stay elusive. Perhaps health factors played a role in this shocking loss behind Lasarenko’s untimely demise at just 57.

Alex Lasarenko Quiet funeral

Alex Lasarenko’s family chose to keep things private when he passed away, and there was no public announcement about his death.. His family didn’t want a lot of attention, but people who liked his music made a special online place to remember him. At his quiet funeral, people said goodbye to a kind person.

Even though not many people know his name now, Alex Lasarenko’s music is still remembered and liked.

Alex Lasarenko discussion on Reddit

Decades after his passing, composer Alex Lasarenko has unexpectedly become a viral mystery on Reddit. Lasarenko’s death in 2020 received little public attention, but a documentary on Disney theme music renewed interest on the platform. Though he created the iconic four-note theme for Disney Channel, Lasarenko remained an obscure figure in life and death.

Now Reddit users are discussing the ambiguous details of Lasarenko’s demise, searching for clarity on how and why this talented musician died young.

Alex Lasarenko two music albums

Noir (1998)

  • Lasarenko’s debut solo album released under his full name Alexander Lasarenko
  • Features 7 dark, moody piano-driven tracks composed in a neo-classical noir style.
  • Showcases Lasarenko’s technical skill on piano along with his cinematic composing abilities
  • Samples and electronic elements blended with live piano and orchestra
  • Heavily inspired by noir films and novels of the 1940s/50s

Orchestral Grooves (2005)

  • Lasarenko’s second solo album shows his versatility as composer, moving beyond noir to a more upbeat orchestral pop sound.
  • 9 tracks blend electronic dance beats with lush symphonic arrangements
  • Collaborators include guest vocalists and instrumentalists.

Alex Lasarenko top 10 songs on apple music

  1. But Not for Me” – Noir (1998)
  2. “Pont Alexandre III” – Noir (1998)
  3. “Obsession” – Noir (1998)
  4. “A Last Look Back” – Noir (1998)
  5. “The First Evening” – Noir (1998)
  6. “At the Window” – Noir (1998)
  7. “Rome” – Noir (1998)
  8. “Pont Alexandre III” – Orchestral Grooves (2006)
  9. “Ain’t” – Orchestral Grooves (2006)
  10. “Unhinged” – Orchestral Grooves (2006)

You can listen them at apple music


How did Alex Lasarenko die?

Alex Lasarenko passed away in 2020 under mysterious circumstances. The details of his death were never made public, leaving many unanswered questions.

Did Alex Lasarenko have any siblings?

Yes, Alex Lasarenko had a sister named Lisa.

When and where was Alex Lasarenko born?

Alex Lasarenko was born on July 13th, 1963, in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

What is Alex Lasarenko known for?

Alex Lasarenko was renowned for composing the cheerful four-note jingle for the Disney Channel.

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