Hexanaut Unblocked: How To Play Hexanaut.io game in cool way

Hexanaut.io is a fun online free 3D multiplayer snake game made by Exodragon in year 2021 so that you can play in your web browser not on any ios or play store app. What you have to do is to move around a map made of hexagons, trying to take over as much space as you can. The goal is to control the largest area on the map by moving your avatar across the grid, avoiding collisions, and outmaneuvering opponents. You should be quick to beat other players and grow your area.

If you want to play Hexanaut.io unblocked mean it’s blocked where you are accessing, then you can use a VPN, which hides what you’re doing on the internet or use a web proxy, which lets you access the game without going directly to its website. Also, there are mirror sites – these are like copies of the game’s website that aren’t blocked. With these tricks, you can enjoy playing Hexanaut.io anywhere, anytime.

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What is Hexanaut.io ?

Hexanaut.io is an online browser game where players navigate a hexagon-shaped grid to capture and expand territory. Developed by EXODRAGON, it combines strategy and action as players claim hexes while competing against others in real-time. It’s a game of quick thinking and tactical moves, where players must balance aggressive expansion with defending their own territory.

Hexanaut.io Unblocked

How to play Hexanaut.io Unblocked ?

Playing Hexanaut.io unblocked is straightforward and provides a way to enjoy this exciting game, especially in places where gaming websites are usually restricted, like colleges, public wifi’s, local schools or private offices. To play Hexanaut.io without any blocks or Unblocked, you can use a few different methods.

The very first reliable method that comes in my mind is, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which changes your internet location and encrypts your online activity, making it look like you’re not accessing a Hexanaut game . By connecting to a VPN like nordvpn, you can easily bypass network restrictions and play Hexanaut.io.

Web proxy sites also very helpful to let you access other sites through them, hiding your actual activity. You can visit a web proxy, enter the Hexanaut.io URL, and play directly through the proxy site.

Mirror sites of Hexanaut.io – Just search for Hexanaut.io mirror sites, and you’re likely to find the exact copies of Haxanaut game to play in your web browser.

Similarly you can use some browser extensions to access Hexanaut. These extensions work similarly to VPNs and can be easily added to most web browsers like chrome, edge.Also you can chec some browser based platforms like :

crazygames coolmathgames

Remember, while these methods can help you access Hexanaut.io in restricted environments, it’s important to be carefully read your network’s policies and guidelines regarding online gaming.

A step by step gude how to play Hexanaut.io

  1. Start the Game: Open your web browser and go to the Hexanaut.io website and click on start button.
  2. Move Your Hexagon: Use the arrow keys or your mouse in left or right to control a small hexagon on a large grid.
  3. Capture Territory: Move your hexagon to create lines on the grid. Enclose areas to capture them.
  4. Complete Loops: Make sure to complete the loops you start. Once a loop is closed, the enclosed area becomes yours.
  5. Avoid Collisions: Be careful not to run into your own trail, other players, or the borders of the grid.
  6. Eliminate Opponents: You can eliminate other players by crossing their trail before they close their loop.
  7. Expand Your Area: Keep expanding your territory while defending the area you already have.
  8. Survive: The objective is to capture the most territory or be the last player remaining on the grid.
  9. Win the Game: Try to win the game by capturing the largest territory.

6 Beginner Tips to play Hexanaut.io

In the beginning, it is obvious that you will be out soon, as Hexanaut is not an easy game to play, but when you play it again and again, your play time increases, and you will learn more about this exciting game. Sitll hope the 6 below hacks will help you as a beginner.

  1. Learn the Map: Get to know the hexagon-shaped map. This helps you plan better and not get stuck.
  2. Start Small: First, try to take over little areas. If you try to take too much too fast, it might be risky.
  3. Protect Your Area: Watch the edges of your area and keep it safe while you grow bigger.
  4. Be Careful with Your Trail: When you move, you leave a line behind. If another player hits this line, you lose. So, be careful with where you go.
  5. Use Special Powers Smartly: Pick up and use special powers in the game, like going faster or being safe for a bit. They can really help.
  6. Watch Other Players: Look at what others are doing. Guessing their next move can help you protect your area or take theirs.

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