Google fit vs Samsung health app ? Which is best

We all should be health conscious as life is moving very fast and we generally ignore our fitness but with Google fit and Samsung health apps we can pay attention to our body health which is must in this era of science and technology.

Now-a-days it is difficult to imagine life without smart phones as they not only the source of communication or entertainment, but also helps to remain fit in this fast and furious life. We can install many applications which are made to ease one’s life. Some applications are for educational purpose and some are designed for health purpose.

The applications designed for health purpose measures the complete wellness of a human being, including walking steps, calories burnt, blood pressure, heart beat, pulse rate and many more. For instance, Google fit and Samsung health are applications designed for health purpose.

In upcoming paragraphs we will discuss about which one is the best to use either Google fit or Samsung health.

Both the applications share some common features and some features are different.

Google Fit vs Samsung Health

Common features share by Google fit and Samsung health app :-

Both are free apps: We can download both the apps for free which is beneficial for every section of the society. These can be easily downloaded from Google play for android devices and from app store for ios devices.

Both Support widgets: We can add widgets to the home screen. It allows to see information, without going into the app.

Tracks distance and route tracker: Both the applications give the track of how far you have walked, steps, distance, calories, sleep, workouts etc.

When Tracking Tested on Google Fit and Samsung Health app:

For steps, Google Fit reported around 3000 steps during a walk while Samsung Health measured 3050 steps for the same walk.Samsung Health sometimes mis-detects activity types like recording a bike ride as steps. Google Fit seemed a bit more precise in tracking exercise type automatically. Also both apps will show different calorie data.

Winner is Google specially if want to track your walking activity.

Tracks sleep: Both Google fit and Samsung health app can track your sleep. It not only gives you information about how long you sleep but also how much of that time was split between light and deep sleep.

Provide activity reports: Activity data is analysed and reports are generated to view on app.

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Distinct Features of Google fit and Samsung health app :-

User interface: Google fit is very simply designed. It provides straight forward information to the user. Information provided can be easily understood by the user. It can be easily operated. On the contrary, Samsung Health has a more polished, modern look following Samsung’s design language and has a true black dark mode.

Exercises : Samsung Health has 96 fitness activities whereas Google Fit comes with 106 exercises.

Compatibility – Google Fit works on both Android and iOS, so has wider cross-platform support. Samsung Health only works fully on Samsung devices.

Auto Pause: Samsung health has an amazing feature of auto pause whereas Google fit has not. It can determine when one has stopped working out and pause his/her current workout tracking until start moving again.

Extra Features – Samsung Health offers more bonus features like food logging, hydration tracking, achievement badges etc. Google Fit focuses purely on activity tracking.

Measures BMI: BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is the measurement of body shape determined by the person’s height and weight. We can monitor progress towards reaching the appropriate weight for our height by keeping track of our BMI. This feature only available in Samsung health not in Google fit.

Calorie intake: Using Samsung health, one can input the food eaten to help managing the nutrition better. This feature is inaccessible in Google fit application. But it uses a point based system instead of just focusing on calories. This can greatly simplify nutrition control as it is less complicated than calorie counting and counts for other nutrients like fat and fiber.

Live tracking: Google fit allows you to share your workout progress live; for instance, you can allow your family members or friends to see where you are on your cycling route.


Both the applications are health based and helps you to achieve your fitness goals. It totally depends on your requirements whch to choose between Google fit and Samsung health.

I would recommend to go for Google fit if you want a simple interface and tracing steps is your main goal but if you need extra features then go for Samsung health.

Check a table comparison for better clarity.

FeatureGoogle FitSamsung Health
Platform AvailabilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Primary PurposeFitness trackingHealth and fitness tracking
Step TrackingYes, counts steps and active time differentlyYes, counts steps and active time
Calorie DataTracks calories based on steps and activityTracks calories based on steps and BMR
Exercise TrackingOffers tracking for various exercisesExtensive exercise tracking options
Other Tracking FeaturesBasic sleep tracking, manual weight entrySleep, weight, heart rate, blood pressure tracking, stress monitoring, women’s health
Sleep TrackingSupports sleep tracking with limited featuresComprehensive sleep tracking and insights
ChallengesHeart Points system, no group activitiesConnect with friends, participate in challenges, worldwide events
Food TrackingLimited food tracking capabilitiesExtensive food database, water intake tracking
Water Intake TrackingNot availableAvailable with target setting
Fitness ProgramsLimited exercise programsExtensive video-guided exercise and mindfulness programs
Workout AssistantBasic workout trackingSet targets and get guidance during workouts
StatisticsLimited data insightsDetailed statistics and progress tracking
AchievementsNot specifiedVarious achievements and milestones
JournalRecords activities in a journalJournal sorts all activities and provides
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