GoMovies alternative – 20 Sites like GoMovies, Is it Safe ?

As you know, so many GoMovies alternative sites like 123Movies, Putlocker, FMovies, SolarMovie, YesMovies, LookMovie, Popcornflix etc are available that offer free content. So it becomes very difficult to choose which one is the best site to watch free movies. In this post, we have a list of 20 sites like GoMovies. In the online market, GoMovies is a website that started in Vietnam and offers a wide variety of content to watch without paying. It is the best streaming platform because you have a list of different types of movies and dramas. But before watching movies for free, a question comes to mind. Is the GoMovies streaming site safe and legal? So let’s know the complete information about GoMovies and GoMovies alternative.

Is GoMovies Safe?

To watch movies for free using GoMovies is like sit into a movie theatre without buying a ticket. Like sometimes Sneaking into a movie could result in being asked to leave, and in some cases, it might even involve the police. So it can be risky. Like this free streaming sites also may be harmful for your devices. You might encounter pesky pop-ups or invite some viruses and malware to your device. It means that to watch free movies is not safe, But if you watch movies for free by using some safety rules, you can navigate Gomovies safely. To escape from malware You should use trustworthy web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, by adding an ad-blocker extension. This helps keep those pesky pop-ups away. You can also use Good Antivirus, and keep your devices update, by using VPN, Avoid clicking on pop ups, Navigate GoMovies cautiously, so following these tips you can watch movies on Gomovies safely.

Is GoMovies Legal?

To watch free content is not legal, It means that you’re watching a movie without a ticket. Because when you buying a ticket to watch movies than you pay the filmmakers indirectly. Movies are copyrighted and these streaming sites like GoMovies, 123movies, Lookmovies, Fmovies that offers the movies and shows for free and they might not have the proper permissions to share these movies to anyone. Due to these sites filmmaker have a great loss because these sites offers you third party data for free without paying them. So To watch free content is illegal’s. If you want to know about some legal streaming services these are Netflix or Hulu. You can watch movies here safe and legally.

How To Use Gomovie?

If you want to watch your favourite movie for free on GoMovies than follow these steps to play movie on your devices.

  • First of all, Open your browser and Go to the Gomovies website. Here At the top, there are different movies organized into different categories such as comedy, action, thriller, horror, and romance.”
  • You can also choose your favourite category and than select the movie or you can the films directly by using search browser, if you already have select a movie in your mind.
  • Select and Click on it, now play the movie and enjoy.

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GoMovies features or Pros

GoMovie offers a wide range of features along with some drawbacks. Here’s a summary of its pros and cons:


  • GoMovies have a Huge Collection of Movies so you can watch a wide variety of movies according to your taste.
  • It is known for its fast streaming speeds, making movie watching a smooth experience​​​
  • GoMovies regularly updates its collection, ensuring access to the latest movies and shows​​​​.
  • Most of the content on GoMovie is available in High Video Quality like HD or 4K quality, although some are in lower resolutions like 320P or 480P​​.
  • Its speed is Fast to Download and Upload.


  • It is not Not Ad-Free so users may encounter advertisements that is very irritating.
  • Some content is only available in low Video Quality.
  • GoMovie is not considered a safe or legal platform, because it offers the users pirated content that is not safe and legal to watch that can creates a malware or viruses in your devices.
Gomovies Alternatives

20 Sites like GoMovies (Alternatives )

Now, let’s talk about the Gomovies alternative,so Here’s a brief overview of GoMovies Alternative that are almost the same streaming platforms.

7 Free GoMovies Alternative :

  1. 123Movies: It is one of the most popular streaming site and everyone knows about it, it is similar to GoMovies and has many features but it is illegal to watch free content.
  2. Putlocker: It is another most popular free streaming site like GoMovies, known for its extensive library but have legality concerns.
  3. LookMovies: All the features of Lookmovies are same but It has a unique feature like it has over 15,000 movies and TV shows, and all of them are from 2020 or later. This means they offer a lot of the newest movies and series.
  4. FMovies: It also offers free movies and TV shows that also have same features like GoMovies, but also operates outside legal boundaries.
  5. SolarMovie: It is also another alternatives of Gomovies, that comes with a variety of content, facing similar legality issues.This platforms offer a cost-effective alternative for users who prefer not to invest in multiple subscription services such as Netflix or Hotstar.
  6. YesMovies: It also provides a large collection of films and shows like Gomovies for free, but it also have some legal issues.
  7. Popcornflix: It is a legitimate free streaming service offering a wide range of movies and TV shows.

13 Paid GoMovies Alternative:

  1. Tubi TV:It is a free, legal streaming platform with a diverse selection of content.
  2. Vudu: Vudu offers movies and TV shows to rent, buy, or watch for free with ads.
  3. Crackle:It is a free, ad-supported streaming service that offers movies and TV shows.
  4. Kanopy: It has a unique streaming service that offers ad-free content.
  5. Hulu: It is a popular subscription-based streaming service offering a wide range of TV shows, movies, and original content.
  6. Netflix: It is one of the most popular subscription streaming services, known for its extensive library and original productions.
  7. Amazon Prime Video: A subscription service offering a large selection of movies, TV shows, and Amazon originals.
  8. Disney+: The streaming home for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content.
  9. HBO Max: Offers all of HBO’s content plus extra movies, shows, and Max Originals.
  10. Shudder: A streaming service specializing in horror, thriller, and supernatural content.
  11. Apple TV+: Apple’s subscription service featuring original content and a few licensed shows and movies.
  12. Google Play Movies & TV: A digital distribution service offering movies and TV shows for purchase or rental.
  13. YouTube Movies: Provides a mix of free and paid movie rentals and purchases.

The key difference lies in the legality and safety of these services, with platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max being legal and safe options, while sites like 123Movies, GoMovies, and Putlocker operate in legal grey areas.

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