Glitch Techs Season 3 release date ? Renewed or Cancelled ?

“Glitch Techs,” is an innovative American animated television series, stands out as a creative brainchild of Eric Robles and Dan Milano, developed for Netflix. GT made its debut on February 21, 2020 on netflix, quickly draw the attention of animation lovers with its superb storytelling. It’s all about what happens when video game glitches turn into real-life monsters.

The show started in February 2020 and is about a group of cool teenagers High Five and Miko who use high-tech tools to fight these monsters.

These teens work at a gaming store, but their real job is to secretly stop the glitches that come from the games made by the Hinobi Corporation. The main characters, High Five and Miko, are best friends who use their gadgets to catch these wild, AI creatures causing trouble in their city. 

Glitch Techs merge the virtual gaming world with real-life adventures which will surprise you, especially the younger audiences. Just months after its successful launch, “Glitch Techs” returned with an eagerly anticipated second season on August 17, 2020, continuing the thrilling escapades of its main characters.

Glitch techs season 3 release date

Glitch Techs Season 3 release date

It surprises me why Glitch Techs Season 3 release date is not yet announced because its fans are waiting its release from last 3 years which is not a small time. You can see the craze for the season 3 on where many viewers discussing why its creators are not releasing the show for third time.

This show really deserves third season more than any other show on Netflix and Nickelodeon.The first two seasons of “Glitch Techs” on Netflix got a lot of fans who loved the show’s cool mix of video game adventures and animation. But since the last new episodes came out in August 2020, fans have been waiting a long time to hear if there will be a Season 3.

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Why I Think that Glitch Techs got cancelled ?

Because no news is coming from producers, directors and from any media outlet so really a disappointment for Glitch Techs fans. Still we should not loose hope as the good news can come any time.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer for Season 3 of “Glitch Techs” is available because Netflix has no information regarding third season. After the show’s initial two successful seasons, fans hoped for more, but the creators have not provided any hint on any new episodes or trailers for Glitch Techs Season 3.

Glitch Techs Season 3 Plot & Expected Storyline

What will happen In season 3

While “Glitch Techs” Season 3 hasn’t been officially announced, if it were to happen, the season could potentially explore deeper into the lives and backgrounds of Miko and Five, further developing their characters.

After revealing her reset immunity and befriending modder Ridley, Miko could continue trying to convince Ridley to safely channel her skills under Hinobi in Season 3. But Ridley may release more advanced glitches first, challenging Miko and Five’s training.

We may also see more of Five’s backstory around his dad’s criminal hacking past and connection to vintage games/glitches. This could put Five at odds with Hinobi, who seems to hide secrets in encrypted files, as he investigates glitches linked to his dad’s old company Uni-Corp.

With Mitch’s pro gamer siblings now aware of glitches, they could get unwillingly pulled into the chaos when Hinobi tech in their home spins out of control or they try assisting the Techs.

New locations like the Dabney district could host escalating glitch problems requiring an all-hands-on-deck team-up of specialized Techs across regions. High stake threats nearing public exposure beyond Hinobi’s control raise the conflicts.

And Inspector 7’s cryptic warning that “anything is possible” regarding impostor glitch infiltrators leaves room for more deceit and distrust to sow within the ranks moving forward.

What happened In Previous seasons ?

What happened In season 2 – In “Glitch Techs,” after defeating a pufferfish glitch, Miko reveals to her team that she’s immune to memory resets. She meets Ridley, a modder who is expert in creating friendly glitches. Miko tries to hire Ridley to work safely under Hinobi, but Ridley is hesitant to lose her glitches.

A confrontation with Ridley leads to the release of a dangerous “Drago-Kitty” glitch, which they struggle to defeat due to incompatible tech. Eventually, they use game gear to defeat Drago-Kitty, but Ridley refuses to join Glitch Techs and leaves. Miko reassures her team that her immunity doesn’t change their friendship.

Five finds a glitch in an old game, “PING,” and learns it’s connected to his dad’s past. The glitch proves challenging but sonehow they succeed with a clever plan. In a different adventure, Miko accidentally destroys a mascot robot, leading to a confrontation with a protective glitch. They manage to defeat it, but Miko has to face her past actions.

What happened In season 1 – In “Glitch Techs,” Miko and Five, two gamers, join a secret team to fight video game glitches that enter the real world. In the first episode, they team up at a gaming tournament where a glitch appears. They fight the glitch, and Miko, who is immune to memory resets, teams up with Five to investigate further. In other episodes, Miko and Five face different challenges like battling a glitch in a game simulator and dealing with a glitch that replicates powers from what it eats. In one episode, they help a friend fused with a video game character, and in another, they play a glitched game that releases a powerful glitch.

Where to watch Glitch Techs Season 3?

One thing is sure whenever season 3 will release it will come out on netflix as the first two seasons of “Glitch Techs” also released on Netflix in year 2020.

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