The 10 Funniest Memes From the Twilight Films

The TikTok world has recently discovered the legendary Twilight series and revived our passion for the world Stephenie Meyer created using a concept that many adult fiction writers have used – but not like this.

This is a story about a lamb and deer or wolves. You’ll figure it out. And yes, don’t be fooled; it’s not a story related to animals. Here you will find bloodsucking vampires, both good and bad, smelly pedophilic werewolves who pry on newborn babies, and so much more.

Unlike The Vampire Diaries, this story is slightly eccentric. Because the good vampires don’t drink human blood, and they sparkle in the sunlight. To protect themselves from the blazing sun, they like to plan volleyball games – oh wait, that’s usually during thunder.

Enough seasonal chit-chat as we’re about to tell you how important a role mental health played in this movie. It has suicidal vampires walking out in the Sun, like Edward Cullen in the New Moon.

By now, you’ve already figured out that this isn’t an ordinary article. After watching all the Twilight movies in order, we cannot dare to insult the people involved in any way because let’s be honest, the actors who participated in creating this iconic series occasionally throw shade at the movie themselves. And there’s no fun poking jokes at people who are already aware of their ridiculousness.

In this article, we’re actually going to talk about memes, a mode of language used to indicate our actual feelings towards someone or something. And if that is true, we are obsessed with Twilight films. And yes, since we aren’t boring, we’re not going to pull the same old joke and make fun of Mr. Robert Pattinson for taking ten years to turn into a bat. We have some real gems waiting for you.

The 10 Funniest Memes From the Twilight Films

Now, since we don’t have over 100 years like the Cullen family to explain how much we love the series – let’s face it, we would if we did – we’re going to dive right into the meaty part. Here are our funniest memes from the Twilight films, in no particular order.

To Quote Edward Cullen, “LIE”

Like any other basic person, our inner monologue is also voiced by Edward Cullen. And yes, our therapist told us it’s a sign of serious mental illness, but to be really honest, we’re all pretty sick up there.

Because lying is a better option than violence, you can easily lie to someone who is bothering you with annoying questions like “how are you?” or “how was your day?”. Obviously, every time somebody dares to question us about our “feelings”, we have King Edward breathing into our minds telling us to LIE.

That One Time Bella Wanted to Have Sex

We all remember Eclipse for three things:

  • Bella’s hideous wig.
  • Edward’s old-school thoughts about virginity.
  • Bella’s desperate attempts to seduce Edward and force him to turn her into a vampire so that she could look hot.

Edward Vs Bella – The Curse of Existence

Taking our previous point forward, Edward hated every minute of his vampire existence. Meanwhile, all that Bella could think of was becoming a vampire. There’s conjecture that Bella actually used Edward to become a vampire so that she could hang with dull homies like herself and not feel out of place amongst her own kind: humans.

A 112-Year-Old Vampire Who Likes to Watch Minors Sleep

Yes, this is, by far, the most awkward scene in the series. Here’s your regular 112-year-old vampire who is breaking into people’s bedroom windows to stare at them creepily while they sleep. It’s not bothersome, not problematic, nope, not at all.

Maybe He Wasn’t Suicidal; He Just Had Airpods in His Ears?

Look, no matter what anybody says, Twilight was way ahead of its time. It’s a story about a suicidal vampire who gets saved by a WOMAN. See, no card played. And there are more representations. We have a HUMAN girl saving a VAMPIRE man. That goes on to prove women are powerful and men love music.

Robert Pattinson Showed His True Feelings In This Scene

Look at that gorgeous face and nasty expressions; the man clearly hated being there. No wonder he’s a bat now. Absolutely done with the vamps coming after his human girlfriend. And this isn’t a toxic masculinity contest where Edward showed off his supersonic vampire speed and power. He wanted his human girlfriend protected from a man calling her a snack. Obviously, the feminist vampire boyfriend woke up and decided it was ENOUGH.

Well, This Was Awkward

It must be really difficult to be a vampire sometimes. Like, think about it; you have to hear every dumb human conversation. You have information about people that you don’t even want. Who would want to hear his own son pretend to be a borderline serial killer to his girlfriend, thinking it’s cute. TMI, as they say.

Edward Cullen, AKA Defense Minister

So yes, Edward was a little sensitive. He couldn’t take criticism. Vamp has too much to say about his sisters and their life choices, but he gets a little too defensive whenever they would question his life choice.

Of course, he was the one who made the dumbest decision of all and ended up risking the lives of every person he knew. Go big or go home, eh? Stay virgin and have no girlfriends for a century, only to fall for a 17-year-old minor. Way to go!

Mike, The One That Got Away

We all know Mike was endgame until Bella found out about Edward and his supernatural powers – sparkling in the Sun. Oh, and he could read minds. But not hers, so obviously. Women love puzzles, and they like to “fix” things. Instead of chilling with a high school “normal” sweetheart like Mike, she chose a vampire who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in over a century. And guess what? She fixed him.

Esme Cullen’s Poor Matchmaking Skills

So when Edward, Bella, and their hybrid wonder child are in danger, Edward calls for help from a person he “rejected” – the audacity. Esme tried her best to make sure her adopted son had sex, but she failed to make that possible for close to a century. That has to be a record or something, right? If not for being the longest dead virgin, then for being the worst matchmaker in history.

Wrap Up

Now, don’t you dare think we made fun of the incredible twilight series in the article? We simply stated facts. Let us know the weird Easter egg related to the twilight series in the comments below and turn this day around for all of us visitors?

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