How to download flash games from Unblocked Game sites

Have you ever think that you can download the flash games you played on google unblocked sites. it is possible and the trick is very simple. When you search on google you will find lots of unblocked games websites which provides flash games to play but very few sites provides the option to download.The main advantage of downloading a flash game is that you can play it at any time and no need of internet connection. Just search and extarct the .swf file or use the flash download software which we will discuss in detail.

Download flash games from Unblocked sites

How to Download Flash Games from Unblocked Game Sites?

Before downloading, you need:

  • A Windows PC or Mac
  • Web browser like Chrome or Firefox

Step 1: Open Unblocked Game Site where flash games are available such as, unblocked games 76 or

Step 2: Select any flash game you want to download. some popular flash games are Kingdom Rush, Crush the Castle, Happy Wheels, Linion RPG, Warlords etc.

Step 3: Now click on the game page and Right click on the game’s screen and choose “view page source. Find the .swf file by pressing the ctrl + find and a search box will appear and type .swf in that box. .

Step 4: Copy the link starting from https till .swf, and paste it in a different browser window, and press Enter.

Step 5: Now save the file in .swf format.

Step 6 : Just run this file in chrome browser and you are playing your favorite game. ( remember your pc should have pre installed Adobe Flash Player).

Benefits to Download Flash Games from Unblocked Game Sites

Play anytime on any device– Downloading unblocked flash games allows you to play them on any device phones, tablets, laptops and anytime, without internet.

Availability – Sites often get blocked or go offline. Downloading games guarantees you can play favorite titles forever even if unavailable online in the future.Many classic games that were once popular on the internet are no longer available at present.Preserving these games ensures that future generations can experience the same fun.

Control – With downloaded offline versions, you maintain full control. No disruptive ads or content filters imposed by schools when accessing the games via local device.

Shareability – You can share downloaded games with friends via transfers allowing others to enjoy titles too despite bans.

Easy to Store and Share: Flash games are usually small in file size, making them easy to store on a computer and share with others.

Older Hardware Compatibility: Flash games are not resource-intensive, allowing them to run smoothly on older or less powerful computers.


Unblocked gaming sites are very popular to play blocked titles at school, but have limitations around inconsistent availability and requiring persistent internet access. Downloading these flash games using browser tools allows you to extract portable offline versions that work on any device while retaining full features. Having standalone offline apps means you control the ability to play anytime free of network filters and Instability.

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