How to get a Daily Wire Plus free trial service?

If you love the content of Daily Wire and want to try its plus subscription model which comes with many benefits like The Daily Wire, where they talk about things from a conservative point of view; The World of Jordan Peterson ( shows from a famous psychologist) ; PragerU, known for its short videos about politics; and Bentkey, which is for movies and kids entertainment then this post is for you. You can get the Daily Wire app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store

DailyWire+ puts together different types of shows like podcasts, talk shows, classes, and movies all in one place. It’s made for people who like conservative ideas and offers many kinds of shows from The Daily Wire’s big network. The goal is to attract people who agree with what The Daily Wire believes.

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Daily Wire plus free trial

How to get a Daily Wire free trial in 2024

When i opened the daily wire website , it is not offering any free trial but offering a 30% off on its annual plans (Use code – dw30) But daily wire offering a 14 days free trial on its other subsidiary Bentkey. It may be that they are not offering the Daily Wire plus free trial this time but can offer free trial service any time in future to compete with other streaming giants like netflix, amazon and disney plus,. So the process to try the free trial service of daily wire will remain the same. Lets check how to get a Daily Wire plus subscription step by step:

  • First open the Daily Wire website (
  • On the right top side you will see a Sign Up button. Click on that and a new tab will open.
  • Next you will have to choose a Daily Wire Plus Plan, you have two option either monthly or yearly so if you choose monthly you will not be able to access “Unlimited ad-free kids entertainment with Bentkey”. Checl the table for more clarity :

Here is the table summarizing the different plans offered by DailyWire+:

Insider Annual$8.69/mo.* with code: DW30 *Billed Annually– All DailyWire+ movies, documentaries, and series
– Uncensored ad-free daily shows
– The Daily Wire investigative journalism and op-eds
– Unlimited ad-free kids entertainment with Bentkey
All Access$14.53/mo.* with code: DW30 *Billed Annually-Everything in the Insider Annual Plan
– Hang out with your favorite hosts on live streams
– Shop with an exclusive 20% discount
Insider Monthly$14.99/mo. Cancel Anytime Unlimited ad-free kids entertainment with Bentkey
– All DailyWire+ entertainment
– Extended ad-free daily shows
– The Daily Wire investigative journalism and op-eds
  • Next, Just fill the required fields (total 4) like email, password, first name and last name and click on the Create My Account button. And also make sure to tick the checkbox.
  • The last step is to fill out the payment details. There is only credit card option available for payment so no Paypal or Crypto payment options. See if you are not comfortable to share you credit card details then you can also opt for virtual credit card. Now click on the Agree and Complete Purchase button to complete the subscription process.

Advantage of Using Virtual credit card (VCC) while Signup for Daily Wire Plus

VCC will prevent you from unwanted charges if you forget to cancel as it expires after the initial free trial period, so Daily Wire+ cannot automatically charge you when the trial ends. This avoids unexpected subscription fees. Also no risk of exposing real credit card info as you only provide the temporary virtual card number during signup.

How to cancel Daily Wire Plus Subscription

If you are not happy with the daily wire streaming service after using for one month then you can cancel your DW+ plan anytime. You will not be charged once you unsubscribed from Daily Wire billing account.

  • Log in to your Daily Wire account.
  • Hover the mouse over your profile and select settings from the menu.
  • Now select the Billing option.
  • At the last click on Cancel Subscription in Payment option.


DailyWire+ is a good choice as It offers a variety of formats like articles. podcasts, talk shows, and movies. While there’s no free trial for DailyWire+ itself, there’s a 30% discount on annual plans and a 14-day free trial through Bentkey. To subscribe, visit the Daily Wire website, choose a plan, and complete the sign-up process. If you wish to cancel, simply log in to your account and follow the steps to unsubscribe in the billing settings. I will recommend to use a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for extra security during sign-up.


Is Daily Wire currently offering a free trial?

No, Daily Wire+ does not currently have a free trial option, but they sometimes offer promotions.

What is included with a Daily Wire+ subscription?

It includes ad-free access to Daily Wire shows, Jordan Peterson, PragerU, and Bentkey movies/shows.

How can I get a free trial if none is advertised?

You’ll have to keep checking the Daily Wire website for any temporary free trial promotions they may offer (especially during the festive season ).

What’s the benefit of using a virtual card?

A virtual card lets you signup without exposing your real card details and avoids accidental charges if you forget to cancel a trial.

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