Can I Upgrade The CPU Without Changing The Motherboard?

Electronic gadgets sometimes depend on your luck. It might stop working all of a sudden. So are you planning to buy a new processor? If yes, then the most frequent questions are how to install a new CPU and can I upgrade the CPU without changing the Motherboard?

Can I Upgrade The CPU Without Changing The Motherboard?

Along with it comes another question that is also vigorously frequent. It is how can I upgrade my CPU without upgrading my motherboard. But there is bad news for you that might disappoint you. You possibly cannot upgrade your CPU without upgrading the motherboard. It is of great hassle to replace all the gadgets on the replacement of a single one.

Moreover, the budget is also something that matters a lot. Thus, replacing all the hardware is not something that everyone will choose to opt for. In this article, we will discuss all the necessary things that are necessary for you if you are trying to upgrade your CPU.

Can I Upgrade The CPU Without Changing The Motherboard?

Two of the most frequently asked questions are: Can you replace the CPU without changing the motherboard, and can you replace a processor without replacing the motherboard? Upgrading chiefly implies that you are opting to change the brand of your old CPU. Don’t mix upgrading and replacing. Replacing means changing the CPU and set up a new one of the same brand. 

As we have mentioned earlier, that you cannot upgrade your CPU without upgrading the motherboard. But surely you can replace it. You can always buy a new CPU of the same brand and install it in place of the old one.

How to pick your new processor and motherboard combo?

Can I upgrade the CPU without changing the motherboard? If you desire a more powerful processor, first of all, you have to be sure that you have the proper motherboard to support it. The motherboard is the most important part of the computer linked with all the other parts of the computer.

What processor do I want?

Choosing the processor is a complex part when you are opting to replace it with a different brand. In general, faster processors are better in processing cores, which implies that you will get better performance. Of course, for better performance, you need to increase your budget. 

Can I upgrade the CPU without changing the motherboard? But CPU designs are extremely complex, and thus, choosing will not be an easy task. There are a variety of processors with similar speeds but with different architecture. Due to the varied architecture, the performance gets altered. If you can afford it, then you can, of course, choose the latest generation CPU. The latest generation is likely to be refreshed in less than a year. 

How to upgrade CPU on PC?

Many users might not know how to upgrade the CPU on a PC. Upgrading the CPU demands the follow-up of some methods. Here we discuss the basic needs for upgrading a CPU that will help you out:

  • Make sure that you have a compatible CPU.
  • Though optional, you can also try to backup your data.
  • Though optional, you can also update your BIOS.
  • Collect the tools you require.
  • Bang open your desktop.
  • Move on with the removal of the fan or the heatsink.
  • You will have to clear off the previously applied thermal paste.
  • Now, proceed by removing the old processor.
  • Finally, set up the new CPU securely.
  • Now proceed with applying the new thermal paste.
  • Allow the reinstallation of the fan or the heatsink.
  • Reboot the computer once.
  • Now your computer is ready to operate.

How to install a new CPU

Do you know how to install a new CPU? Installing a CPU is not very difficult but yet has a proper technique. Following are the ways that are to be opted to install CPU. 

Earth yourself

Make sure to unplug the power supply and switch off the PC. It must be done to protect the loss of your devices. Your one mistake can prove to be expensive. While upgrading new CPU, you need to do the following:

  • First of all, press the power button after unplugging the power supply. 
  • Remember to place the PC on a hard surface and not place them on the carpet or blankets. This is because you need to avoid static electricity build-up.
  • You need to stand on a hard surface, and it is preferred to stand on bare feet. You can also wear rubber shoes if you are standing on a carpet.

Remove the old CPU

Upgrading to a new CPU required the removal of the old CPU. Use a screwdriver to remove the old CPU. Turn on the four screws positioned on each corner, and the CPU will be easily lifted. Now, remove the old CPU and place the new CPU in its place. 

Install the CPU

The processor replacement is now ready to commence. Remember that putting the chip only one way is possible. Now, unwrap the new CPU with the help of a new socket and a raised lever aloft. Finally, with the correct orientation, adjust the lever according to the CPU slot.

Apply thermal paste to your new CPU

Now your CPU must be locked and loaded. Though applying thermal paste is an argued topic. But using it in the right amount can prove to be beneficial for the installation of CPU. Be careful so that you don’t overscrew. This is because the application of too much force can risk the motherboard. 

Get your new CPU to boot

While booting the CPU again, you need to put an eye on the chip-chiller of the machine. Then proceed gradually by checking whether the fans are working correctly or not. Also, manage the cables.

Test and troubleshoot the setup

As soon as you get the boot screen appearing on your desktop, press the DEL key. This is because you need to get directed to the BIOS in case you are not taken there automatically. Now, you will notice the optimized default setting. Press the save and exit button.

Do I need a new motherboard to upgrade my processor?

If you are opting to upgrade the processor, you might also need to make a change in your motherboard. Do I need a new motherboard to upgrade my processor? It is a query that is browsed thousands of times every time one is ready to buy a new processor. The answer is a straightforward ‘NO.’ Upgrading your processor without altering the motherboard is merely impossible.

Do I need a new motherboard for a new CPU

Do I need a new motherboard for a new CPU? Cost-effective Enough, right? You will not have to get a new motherboard for a new CPU if you are just replacing it. But surely, you need one if you are upgrading it.


Now that you have the answer to the question, can I upgrade the CPU without changing the motherboard? We hope that you will not attempt any further mistakes. Moreover, we hope that we have been able to properly explain to you the answer to the queries such as how to upgrade CPU on pc, can you replace CPU without changing the motherboard, and do I need a new motherboard to upgrade my processor.

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