Based on a true story season 2 release date

Viewers loved thriller comedy series “Based on a True Story” which premiered on the Peacock streaming platform on June 8, 2023. We saw Eight episodes in its first season, the show was created by Craig Rosenberg known for writing hit series like Gen V (2023), Preacher (2016 )and The Boys (2019).

Note: “Based on a true story” is not based on any true story. it is just a work of fiction.

It stars famous big bang theory fame Kaley Cuoco and CinEuphoria Award winner Chris Messina in the lead roles.Due to strong viewership in its debut season, a good rating on imdb which is 7.2/10, earning praise for the performances of Cuoco and Messina, the show was renewed by Peacock for a second season in October 2023.

All fans are excited for the scary twists in new episodes, probably coming in 2024.

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based on a true story season 2

Season 2 Release date ?

Based on a true story season 2 release date

After airing its first season in June 2023, the psychological thriller series Based on a True Story was renewed for a second season by NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service in October 2023. However, an exact release date is still unconfirmed as of December 2023.

Given typical production timelines, fans can likely expect Based on a True Story Season 2 release date will be at some point in mid-to-late 2024 on Peacock.

The sophomore season will pick up on the major cliffhanger ending from Season 1 involving the lead characters played by Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina dealing with the shocking and ominous arrival of an unexpected visitor.

Quick summary “Based on a true story” Season 1

if you have no clue about ” Based on a true story” season 1 and directly want to see season 2 without actually streaming season 1, then below is the summary you can read which will hardly take your 2-3 minutes.

Married couple Ava and Nathan Bartlett are struggling financially and decide to start a podcast with their friend Matt, after Ava deduces Matt is secretly the notorious serial killer called the “Westside Ripper.”

They name the podcast “Based on a True Story” and begin interviewing Matt, hoping to profit off his crimes by keeping his identity a secret.At a true crime convention, Matt pushes a woman named Dahlia off a balcony after she embarrasses him, but he denies killing her.

The podcast becomes very popular, leading the Bartletts’ friend Ruby to uncover the truth about Matt. After she blackmails them, the Bartletts fight over what to do next. Ultimately Ruby ends up murdered, with the Bartletts disposing of her body with Matt’s help in order to protect their podcast success, despite strains in their relationship and conflicts over Matt’s urges to kill again for more content.

The first season ends on a cliffhanger with the victim’s husband Simon showing up unexpectedly at the Bartletts’ new beach house.

Based on a true story season 2 Expected Cast

The only cast which are 99% will reprise their roles are Kaley Cuoco Chris Messina and Tom Bateman whle other may or may not be part of Based on a true story season 2.

Cast MemberCharacterRole in detail
Kaley CuocoAva BartlettPregnant real estate agent obsessed with crime; married to Nathan.
Chris MessinaNathan BartlettFormer famous tennis player, now coach; Ava’s husband
Tom BatemanMatt PiercePlumber who befriends Nathan and is suspected to be the “Westside Ripper” serial killer.
Priscilla QuintanaRuby GaleAva’s wealthy friend who discovers Matt’s secret identity.
Liana LiberatoTory ThompsonAva’s younger sister who lives with Ava and Nathan.
Natalia DyerChloe LakeBartender who interacts with Nathan and Matt before being murdered.


When will season 2 of Based on a True Story be released?

A release date is not officially confirmed, but season 2 will likely premiere at some point in mid-to-late 2024 on Peacock.

Who will return for the cast in season 2?

Stars Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina, and Tom Bateman will almost certainly reprise their roles. Other season 1 actors may return as well.

When was Based on a True Story renewed for season 2?

The series was renewed by Peacock in October 2023, just months after debuting its first season.

Can I watch season 2 if I haven’t seen season 1?

You can read a quick summary of season 1 to understand the basic plot before watching season 2. But it’s recommended to watch season 1 first.

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